Saturday, January 18, 2014

How Digital world is getting fancier compared to Real world.

Digital assistants like Siri are replacing human assistants, digital birthday wishes on facebook / whatsapp are replacing calling or wishing the person in person, confessing to a Father at a church is being replaced by anonymous tweets confessing feelings!  Well, basically, yes, the digital world is getting fancier compared to the real world.

How often is it that you see two individuals sitting in the same room, even across each other, but communicating through IMs instead of verbally, face to face? Pretty hillarious, but a very common scene in today's youth. That is the biggest proof of the Virtual world being more attractive or fancy to people as compared to the real world.

I think one of the reasons is camera filters & photoshopped DPs. Lol.
You see someone's display pic on facebook or twitter, people look so smart, handsome, beautiful and the sort. But how many times has it happened that you meet the same person in real world and think that they look really different (And not for the good!) 

My advice to such people, its okay to use photoshop or filters, but don't make youself look soo different, that is get embarassing when you meet someone in real life.

For some reason, we find it easier and more comfortable to communicate our feelings & thoughts virtually, by typing a status message, sending an email, DM or using hashtags. Why is that?

Earlier kids & teens playing meant playing out in the firld or garden, hide & seek sort of games. Today, they will still "hang out" but you'll see each one of them engrossed on their smartphones/tablets.


Do we now go to places or on vacations just to post "Check-In" status and click images to upload? Or do we actually enjoy the time we spend there?

Why others, I myself spend more time in the Digital world. I tweet my thoughts, wish Happy Birthday on facebook. Has it happened with you too that you tend to forget a person's birthday if they are not on facebookor whatsapp? Its happened with me! Its like, people who do not have a online presence, slowly cease to exist for us!

Video games and 3D movies have taken it to another level completely! 

Has it happened with you that you will chat mindlessly with people till late night, but if you go through your phone contact list searching for a number to call and speak to, you will not have many!
Raise your hand if you use digital assistants like SPEAKTOIT's Assistant for Android or iPhone's SIRI! They sure are here to get old ladies fired from work!



And this is not all, the near future holds wearable gadgets, robots, projected screens and what not, so, the digital world is just getting fancier & fancier! After all, your spouse might lie to you, but your smartphone won't! ;)


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