Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Supertechies Challenge #MyBicycleStories Solution by @stunningmoon

The challenge-

My Solution-

1. The main reason for bicycles getting outdated is gyms. People prefer using stationary bicycles at gyms or buy one at home.
2. If they understand that gyms are expensive, you are time bound and lets be frank, it can get monotonous after sometime.
3. Bicycles can be a fun way to loose weight and stay fit. It can also be a cost-cutting and eco-friendly way to travel to work if your work place is not that far. You save on petrol, driver, public commute etc.
4. They could get celebrities to promote use of bicycles, for eg. Rahul Bose rides and is fit. These celebs can use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to promote use of cycles.
5. An app can be developed which allows one to know how many calories they have burnt in one ride. It can also have a target weight or inch, which the person can reach in a few days or months of cycling!
6. Maybe the cycle can have an inbuilt Ipod or Mp3 player so that it can become more enjoyable.
7. Can also imply on all the various ailments like Obesity, Diabetes etc which can be made better by cycling regularly.

A story of a businessman from Bangalore-
A 35 year old business man , who is so busy in his routine that he cannot remove time for exercise. So what he does is commute to work on a cycle, a car takes 15 mins and a cycle takes 30-40 mins but he prefers that. He enjoys the morning breeze. He changes clothes at work, but thats okay because this keeps his weight in check because he is always in a chair till evening with little physical activity. He teaches his kids the same, and on weekends the whole family goes on treks on their cycles and have a picnic and a great family time together!



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