Saturday, October 9, 2021

Blendjet 2 - Review | Honest and Not Sponsored

If you're one of those who have been bombarded by Blendjet 2's remarketing ads across social media, browsers and email - and have added the blendjet to your cart but haven't been able to make the purchase yet, then you have come to the right place. You can read and learn from my experience and then make your choice accordingly! 

This review is written after trying the BlendJet 2 5-6 times in the span of last 1 month or so. I was also totally captivated by their marketing and decided to make the purchase. I purchased the BlendJet in August and it took a month and arrived in September.


1. Powerful as it says:

The blender does it what they claim: blend. I have tried smoothies and shakes and cold coffees and it blends everything really well. My good old traditional mixer, when blending bananas into the smoothie/shake would leave me with lumps of banana pieces, which I hate - but Blendjet completely everything.

2. Portable:

That is the best thing about it, no wires no hassle. Carry it anywhere and blend anytime and drink right out of it. But it definitely is heavier than I expected it to be, the bottom part where the battery and machinery are there is quite heavy. Not to forget, to blend anywhere, you also need to wash it everywhere, and you need liquid soap for washing.

3. Easy to use and easy to charge:

The USB charge with a light to indicate when charging and fully charged, and one button operation makes it easy for anyone to use. 

4: High-tech:

If you remove the glass container and try to switch on the button, it won't. It gives you a red light indicating the blender glass container needs to be screwed on. I really liked that. But that's not enough, in my opinion - read more in Con's.


1. Custom-duty fees:

I had to pay a very heavy custom duty fee on the product, something I was not expecting, and hence it made the purchase a lot more expensive than what I thought it would. Not just that, the Blender seemed to be tempered with (as if someone tried to open it while checking at customs) - I did try to complain to them but they rejected my appeal.

2.  Cleaning not as easy as they show:

If you're just blending juices or vegetables, it is ok. But if you're blending something stickier like chocolate, peanut butter, honey etc - cleaning can be a task. 

3. Number of uses per charging cycle:

Their ads and website claim that you get 15 blends per charge - but here is the catch, you have to also count the washing blend, and sometimes I had to blend twice to clean the blender properly. So in one charge, you basically get 3-4 times excluding cleaning.

4. Not very child friendly:

While I have mentioned above that on removing the glass container you cannot use the blender, they should have made it to be usable ONLY once capped on. Please keep the BlendJet out of reach of kids hands.

5. Quality:

The print on the name embossed on the BlendJet is already coming off after washing it these few times, so I am really doubtful of the overall quality and how long will the blender last for me.

I have not written this blog to give you a verdict, it is your decision completely if you want to make the purchase or not, but atleast you will know what you're in for. Thank you for reading!


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