Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lego City Burger Bar Fire Rescue - Review

The lego crazy family received yet another product for review and we had a blast! I love how each lego set is not just building blocks, but allows kids to indulge in role play, unleash their imagination and also learn a thing or two.

About the product -

  • Includes 3 LEGO city minifigures: 2 firefighters and a grill chef
  • Features a fire truck toy with a minifigure cab, rotating back end, new-for-january-2019 directional pump with ‘water jet’ function and 2 storage compartments, plus a motorbike
  • Also includes a burger bar with burger sign, opening service window and a trash can
  • Accessory elements include a new-for-january-2019 fire axe, 2 helmets with opening visors, oxygen tank, trash can, motorbike helmet, small fire extinguisher and 5 buildable fire elements
  • Raise one or all sets of flames on the burger bar sign and trash can to put out a small fire or battle a raging inferno
  • Rotate the back end of the fire truck and squeeze the bellows on the water pump to launch the water elements and knock down the flames
  • Burger bar with sign measures over 6” (17cm) high, 4” (12cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep
  • Fire truck toy with water pump retracted measures over 3” (8cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide

We had a major milestone for my almost 5 year old with this lego set. For all the sets before, I had to build them for him with his assistance, and then he played with them. But now that he's almost 5 years old, I showed him how to follow the step by step instructions from the instructions booklet and asked him to make the burger bar on his own - and he did! It was indeed a proud moment for me. I feel lego absolutely helps with motor skills, hand-eye coordination, learning about shapes and plus great for some non-screen play and bonding time!

The set has a burger bar which is on fire, a fire truck and a bike with 2 fire-fighters and one burger bar crew. Check out some details of the set -

I am absolutely mind blown by the details that are thought of while making lego sets today. The firefighter's helmets, the cabinets and truck doors that open, the sliding window in the burger bar, the mini ketchup and mustard in the burger bar, the axe on the fire truck and so much more! 

The set (MRP Rs.3,499/-) and other sets are available on Amazon or at most toy stores like Hamleys. They often go on discount online too, so you should definitely watch out for deals. Age 4 and above can easily play with lego creative range, and for younger kids there is Lego Duplo.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

How important are accessories when it comes to gadgets?

I am a gadget and technology geek girl, and hence always love owning the latest phones, laptops, cameras and so on. I own an iPhone X, MacBook Pro, iPad, Go Pro Hero Session, Insta 360 camera, JBL Bluetooth Speaker, Boat bluetooth earphones, to name a “few”.

We always focus on the specifications, price, warranty and features of these gadgets when we’re purchasing them and if something stops working we are quick to blame the brand for faulty manufacturing or other various reasons.

But did you know that the accessories you use along with the gadgets play a very important role too? Are you using an original phone/laptop charger, if not, you could end up blowing up the device itself thanks to replicas. Are the covers and cases genuine, certified and verified/approved by the phone brand? A cheap cover, if and when you drop your phone, may not protect the phone or tablet from the impact of the drop!

Similarly, when purchasing SD cards for your cameras, you should always go for the best in terms of not only their storage capacity, but also their reading and writing speed, toughened memory cards in case you’re using them with a go pro or any other heavy duty action camera where you know it may fall or hit something. I also feel it is wiser to invest in two smaller capacity SD cards than one big one, incase one of them stops working for some reason or you misplace it. At Least you would still have a backup with you!

You can look for cheap deals online and buy SD cards from trusted brands at awesome rates. Just make sure the website you are purchasing from is authentic, for instance Latest Deals. I have 2 SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB Micro SD Cards that work for action cameras, and come with a reading and writing speed of up-to 300 mb per second!

After all who has the patience to sit and wait for all the awesome footage to get copied, right? You can also go for any of the other popular brands like Sony, Samsung, PNY, Kingston, Transcend and so on. Just make sure you’re not purchasing from any unknown website as they may sell replicas and make sure to check the warranty details before making your purchase!

Next on my gadget wishlist is the new iPhone Pro with it’s extra wide camera, what do you think about it? Speaking of iPhones, how I wish they supported SD Cards!