Saturday, June 22, 2019

#HappyTummiesMeet by Enterogermina

I recently attended a blogger’s meet with my kiddo after a long time. And it was a fun and informative one at that! As a mother, you must have experienced diarrhea in your baby or toddler/kid at some point of time. Even as adults we get absolutely weak, the kids cannot even express themselves properly. Here are somethings I learnt at the event:

All the awesome mommy bloggers & their kids at the event.
1.     Types of Diarrhea
Did you know that there are two types of Diarrhea? Viral and Bacterial. Viral diarrhea is more commonly seen than bacterial. Common symptoms in kids for diarrhea are frequent passing of loose stools, dehydration and weakness. But signs to be alert and visit the doctor at the soonest are – If child is inactive and not playing, urine is dark in colour, less frequent and concentrated (signs of dehydration) and is complaining of a griping stomach pain. As long as child is active and playing, things will get fine.
There also is something known as seasonal diarrhea – generally occurring towards end of summers and start of rainy reason – hence now is the time to be extra cautious!

2.     Types of Bacteria
Most of us know that there is good bacteria and bad bacteria. It’s important to balance the bad bacteria with good. This was explained really well at the event via a skit where there was a red coloured bad bacteria character and a blue coloured good bacteria character telling the kids more about bacteria.

Kids really enjoyed meeting the good bacteria!
3.     How to manage diarrhea?
Lot of liquids. Curd is important. One new thing I learnt is a 14-day course of zinc as it helps manage diarrhea. Another very important thing is to avoid milk – grannies will ask to continue giving milk but it should be avoided. Breastfeeding can continue as it is. Doctor’s will not recommend antibiotics for viral, it may be required for bacterial only after doing a stool test. So avoid asking for a “fast solution” because some things take time! Enterogermina is Pediatricians’ No.1 Choice in managing diarrhea.

4.     How to prevent diarrhea?
Prevention is better than cure and just by following some basic hygiene rules we can help prevent diarrhea. Clean, safe drinking water (always carry your own water bottle at the park or mall or while out on a vacation), and washing hands with soap, specially before eating. Though the older kids will be able to follow this, teething babies will grab whatever they find and put it in their mouth – hence more prone to diarrhea. Hence look out for the symptoms.

Activity where they had to feed Popeye good food. My kid got pani puri.
5.     Experience at event –
All the kids and mommies had a fun time interacting with one another. Dr.Zinal gave an informative session on some myths and facts around diarrhea. It was insightful to learn about how zinc helps manage diarrhea and also that one should not let the kids get anemic, iron intake is very important to increase immunity again. So iron rich food is a must! I loved the activity where the kids had to decide which was good or bad food to feed Popeye and also the skit with the good and bad bacteria! Wonderful ways to teach kids good habits and important health related things in a not-boring way!

Giving our feedback to the team.

If you have any questions regarding managing diarrhea, do comment and I will try my best to get the answers to you from the experts.


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