Monday, April 29, 2019

Grandma's Recipe: Sweet Corn Bhel

My grandma makes this really nice Sweet Corn Bhel/Chaat, and I had not had it since years. She does not keep to well these days and hence seldom is in the kitchen. But after a few failed attempts of ordering corn chaat in various restaurants, I finally told her that it's been so long since I had it. And she made sure I had the good old corn bhel on my visit at mom's for summer vacations, and I made it a point to observe and focus on the recipe, and it is surprisingly easy!

Here's what you need -

Servings (6 to 8)

3 cups of boiled sweet corn
1 dry coconut (cut into small pieces and then grinded in the mixer)
3 medium sized potatoes boiled and chopped
2 medium sized tomatoes - finely chopped
2 medium sized onions - finely chopped
2 green chillies
Nylon sev
Juice of 3 lemons
4 teaspoon sugar
Salt to taste
Bread croutons (or small bread pieces fried till light brown)


1. Once you have prepared all the ingredients for the bhel, put a kadhai/pan for the gas burner and add 2-3 teaspoons ghee/oil.

2. Add the onion and sauté till a li'l cooked (we don't want it to be completely soft and brown). Add green chillies and chopped tomatoes. Cook till all the water from the chopped tomatoes evaporates.

3. Add the chopped boiled potatoes, sugar, salt and lemon juice. After cooking a little add the boiled corn and shredded coconut (leave some coconut for garnishing).

4. Finally add the bread croutons and nylon sev and mix well. Taste once and add salt and lemon juice till it matches your liking.

5. Garnish with the coconut and some more nylon sev and coriander leaves (if you want) and serve hot.

The final result is a yummy corn bhel with flavors of coconut and the veggies! It is not supposed to be a spicy dish at all, but if you are a fan of spicy, then you can add more green chillies.

Do let me know how did it turn out for you!

Monday, April 22, 2019

E for Extra, E for Vitamin E!

Are you someone who feels tired even when you’ve just gotten up after 6-8 hours of sleep? Feel lethargic all the time and a lack of energy? I was in that category too until a few years ago when I decided to make certain lifestyle changes.

By lifestyle changes, I mean eating right. I don’t believe in the concept of dieting, so when I say eating right I mean smaller but more frequent meals and keeping a balance of greens, fruits, pulses, proteins and carbs.

And having an active lifestyle also needs physical activity; as simple as walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming or practicing Yoga. Being a woman who is entering her 30’s, I have also started caring about my bones, maintaining hormonal balance and handling PMS issues.

But being an eggetarian (no seafood or meat in my diet) I know me and my family lack certain nutrients – which have to then be consumed via supplements – very important!

Because we don’t get enough sunlight, we need supplements for Vitamin D, and Omega 3 if we don’t eat fish. There are plenty of food options for Vitamin C: the first thing that comes to your mind will be citrus fruits, but not many are aware of the 5th in the alphabet i.e. Vitamin E and its benefits and sources. As defined on Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is found in many foods including vegetable oils, cereals, meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and wheat germ oil. It is also available as a supplement.

Vitamin E is basically an antioxidant. This means it protects body tissue from damage caused by substances called free radicals, which can harm cells, tissues, and organs. They are believed to play a role in certain conditions related to aging (hence people say Vitamin E is good for the skin, hair, overall beauty etc.).
The body also needs vitamin E to help keep the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria.

So how does one get some Vitamin E in one’s diet? It’s time to go nuts because these yummy nuts are a rich source of vitamins! Almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and hazelnuts are Vitamin E rich. Greens like spinach and broccoli are rich in Vitamin E too, and I make sure to give that in soup form to my kid and the entire family (DM / Comment for a really tasty broccoli recipe).

It’s summers, and mango lovers should rejoice because mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin E too! Vegetable oils are a good source of Vitamin E too (we use sunflower or soyabean oil in our household).

So what are you waiting for? Plan your food chart, meals and exercise routines and get fit!