Saturday, March 2, 2019

LEGO The Movie 2 Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader Building Blocks - Product Review

We were recently invited for the special screening of Lego Movie 2 recently and it was such a fun movie! It was a cherry on the cake to receive the new Lego Movie 2 themed set so that we can recreate scenes from the movie!

The box contains 2 characters - Emmet & Rex, along with the dinosaur rex-o-saurus, the offloading truck and a plantimal alien figure. The movie is all about alien invasion and how Emmet and Rex help rescue Lucy, so since I have a son, he was keen to be all prepared to fight with the mean machines, dinosaur and gadgets that he built (with my assistance).


There are two instruction books that help you build the models, and the best part is there are more than one ways to build things. For instance you can build the rex-o-saurus quad or execu-rex-o-saurus (dino with guns or dino with wheels!) The set is suggested for age 7+, and if they have seen Lego movies and TV series, they'll be able to have so many story-telling game plays and endless amount of fun. Infact good idea to mix and match and build something new too!

Every little piece put together to make something awesome, it took us a good couple of hours to build the off-roader car, but oh man, the detailing! Stud shooters, pilot seats, sticker labelling, everything is just amazing. I personally absolutely loved Rex's mug and briefcase and Emmet's flashlight - they are so cute! Do check out our unboxing video as well:

You can purchase the set on this Amazon link and also explore other sets from the movie and many more they sell online (watch out for deals as well!) There is a Warrior Lucy & Ultrakatty themed set too, which is what I am going to buy next. Personally, lego sets are fun for our whole family, not just the kiddo.