Friday, November 16, 2018

Fantastic beasts - Crimes of Grindelwald - INOX IMAX Experience

I usually watch movies in the Inox next to my home in Navi Mumbai. For this special screening, we were invited to Imax experience at Inox, Rcity Mall. And I was impressed. It's been ages since I've been to this multiplex. Definitely 5+ years. Entry and security check was seamless, they had a VIP lounge and I was very impressed to see a kids lounge where there was peppa pig playing and a couple of toys. I haven't seen this at other multiplexes. A totally engaging lobby experience in all.

I was super excited about this movie because I am a Wizarding World and Harry Potter fan, have read the books and seen the movies and have read fantastic beasts and where to find them as well. After the part 1, was absolutely looking forward to part 2. And also excited coz I was going to see it before rest of the world, in a special premiere! Couldn't get any better than that. And was looking forward to seeing Johnny Depp, who by the way, you cannot recognize at all. The cinematic experience was just mind blowing. The movie was in 2D but because of the Imax experience, it gave this 3D life-like feel. I don't have words to describe how crisp and clear and brilliant the output was. And the surround sound. Usually corner seats don't give as good an experience as center seats but even though we were towards the corner it felt no different - because of the curve of the screen. 

 I won't be giving movie spoilers but you do know that you get to see Dumbledore during his youth, even Professor McGonagall and Hogwarts! Because the HP series ended, anything that connects with makes me nostalgic. The Niffler (and it's adorable babies) and Bowtruckle are there from the first movie. But apart from that, there are way too many new creatures and it's amazing. I loved the Kelpie, the Zouwu, and even the intense looking Matagots. Oh you'll even know the back-story for Nagini! There is so much happening and so many connections with Harry Potter series.

We had the good old movie combo of popcorn soft drinks and samosa. And overall had a great experience. The icing on the cake was the quick Harry Potter quiz after the movie where people won wands, and rest got posters and t-shirts. Which I absolutely loved. Can't wait to catch the next movie at Inox Imax!


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