Saturday, October 6, 2018

A blind date with the world from @stunningmoon's point of view. #TheBlindList

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I have always been someone who plans travels to the T. Right from making travel and stay bookings months in advance, to doing my research on where all to go, places to visit, weather forecast, commute options, what souvenirs to buy etcetera etcetera. My packing list is also ready in advance, as a note on my iPhone - so that I don't forget anything important at the last moment.


But really, to be honest, where is the fun in that? Once I have already seen the images of the hotel, room, amenities, tourist locations and everything else under the sun, there isn't much left to take me by surprise! In-fact, for all you know, my expectations have been raised to something and I may be disappointed with what I actually get to experience. I am sure that has happened at-least once with all you travellers.


Hence, for my next travel escapades, I pledge to go on a blind date with the world. Blind dates can be scary, but exciting. Just like you don't know what kind of a person will you find on the date - will he/she be attractive or funny? Will he/she be there on time or will you be kept waiting for hours? Will they share similar interests with you or will you both be poles apart? Just like that - will I love the place I visit or not? Will I find things to do out there that I'll enjoy, or will I not? Will the people at this location I travel to be kind and helpful or not? Will I have the time of my life or will I not?


The answers may be in my favour or may not, but at-least there will be some suspense, something to look forward to that I do not already know! THAT my friends, will be a trip, a journey I would remember for life. Just pack an overnight bag of the most basic important things, maybe leave my phone behind for this travel? Because really speaking, when we're constantly clicking snaps or selfies, or posting them on instagram stories or going LIVE, we're actually not "LIVING" in the moment, pun intended. 


I have never traveled solo - something that is there on my bucket list. I would like to believe that just because I am married and have a child, it is not too late for exploring the world solo, and maybe at the same time experience self exploration as well! Solo travels are the best to know yourself better, find inner peace, reflect on life - well, so I've heard!


So, inspired by this video below, I am absolutely ready to go on a blind date with the world - to some place I had never ever thought I would go - are you? Participate in Lufthansa's competition here and stand a chance to make your bucket list come true!

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