Monday, September 3, 2018

Short poems by @stunningmoon Part 2

I have decided to put whatever I have written for the scrutiny and criticism of the netizens. What's the use of it being with me alone, after all. To read the previous two poems go here.

All I want is happiness for you,
But do you ever think of mine too?
Why does the heart ache so much at times,
That all I feel like doing is write a poem which rhymes?
They say do good & it'll come back to you,
I've done my part, Oh Karma! where are you?
Noone ever said life would be fair,
but nor was I told I'd feel so bare.
I tell myself, 'This too shall pass.',
Till then, put on some music & increase the bass. :)

Melancholic Love
She has a smile on that tired face,
But she's broken on the inside.
She totally has her game-face on..
And accepts that life's a Rollercoaster ride.
She knows a lot of people in general;
But she's lonely, yet holds on to her pride.
There was a time when someone loved her,
But things changed once she became a bride.
Now there is only bitterness..
And all the love that was there has died.

I promise to write happier poems next time around! 

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