Monday, September 24, 2018

How to exit a whatsapp group without making it awkward!

If you're from India and are a part of dozens of WhatsApp groups like "My Family", "Cuzins", "Chaddi-Buddies", "Friends Foreva"and so on... And then one fine day it just gets too much. Someone you don't really like a lot said something irritating/repulsive/borderline demeaning or someone new got added to the group whom you never liked, or the oldies of the family are now a part of the earlier youngsters-only group. You want OUT! But how to get yourself out of this without coming in focus and getting phone-calls or being gossiped about or being asked WHY when you next meet. Here are some tips -

1. The good old "I had to format my phone" -
This always works, exit the group and when anyone asks, reply after a day or so saying phone got formatted, lost all backup yada yada.. No-one can say anything except that you are a li'l technologically challenged. Someone who is extra smart from your group might challenge your explanation - after all if you use the same number to log into WhatsApp again, you stay in the groups - just that you might not have the backup of your chats if you didn't take them. But, this reason works with the older people definitely. ;)

2. The wait is worth it -
Do NOT immediately quit the group when something happened that provoked you to. It looks like a teenager type move then. Instead, wait, hold that grudge, and leave after a couple of days - under another pretext like too many groups or busy with work/studies or something else. That way, noone will link your leaving the group with someone is specific.

3. Ask an admin friend to "remove you" -
Can't get yourself to be the one to exit? Ask any admin who's your buddy or knows you well to remove you. They may have removed you accidentally or may be angry with you (you could cook up a fake argument maybe). That way, it's not on you!

4. Say you're on a "social-media vrat" or as we call it, detox -
This is another popular one, where you have a long message sent to the group, before you hit "EXIT GROUP" button. Something along the lines - "It was great to be a part of this group, but I am taking a digital detox for a few weeks. Shall be back soon. Take care...!!" - And voila! People will not ask anything.

5. Follow the sheep -
Always keep an eye out for someone else to leave the group. If you spot 1-2 people leave the group, just follow the suit. Preferably at odd hours. This way, the one who exited first will be blamed for provoking others to mimic the action, plus because there are more than one, people won't ask too many questions.

Well, these are some tips, hopefully useful. Of-course there is the other way of just being honest to the face and telling the people you dislike being on the group and leave it - AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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