Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Summer Vacation – Toddler’s At Home!

I remember the good old nostalgic days from my summer vacations when we travelled to Jaipur, Rajasthan every summer for a month. To my nani’s place, and where I would spend my time reading comics and novels, drawing and painting and watching TV. Things are different for our present generation where my mom’s house is in the same city as mine, plus I am a working mother – so there is no going anywhere for a month (I wish!). So, how to keep the kiddo entertained all day, every day for a couple of months! Sounds nightmare-ish
But here are some things I have planned, and may could help you with your kids too –

Toddler with his all new plasma car. He's unhappy here coz I am blocking his way to click this.
1.           Summer Camps –
Most of the play centres, schools, sport areas have summer camps for weeks or months where you can enrol your kid depending on their interests and your convenience. My toddler’s school also has summer camps where they have weekly themes.

This vacation, we're weaning out of the bottle habit. Long overdue. Straws help!
2.           Learn a new thing –
This is a great time to explore a new hobby/interest for your little one. Whether it’s music, art or sports – you could explore their interests and teach them something new! Get that two-wheeler scooter you’ve wishlisted, or a new set of colouring sets or a drum-set. There are so many options to even rent toys these days – where you keep getting new toys every month as per your subscription and you return them. You can even enrol for a book renting club if there is one around your vicinity.

3.           Watch some new shows –
There is no going out during the hot day from noon to evening – with the harsh sun and increasing heat. This is a good time for the kids to watch new programs on Netflix! (As per your screen-time allowance of course). One amazing feature I recently got to know about is that you can actually get kids to learn a new language on Netflix, after all the younger you are the faster you learn languages. Wondering how?
 Stream shows and movies with audio and subtitles in a language of your choice, and let the learning begin. Go to your device and change the language and you’re set. Read more here -

Kiddo's latest discovery on Netflix is The Magic School Bus rides again! My favourite show at present is Lost In Space, which is great for older kids (7+ years old) and a great hit with us adults too! Watch the trailer here (you can even complete the season with a free one-month trial that Netflix offers -

4.           Take that vacation you’ve been planning to –
If work and budget situations permit – take a family vacation to some hill station that’s been on your bucket list! Vacations are the perfect time to create memories that are cherished for life. Try to remember all the vacations you have taken with your family – you will definitely remember than more than any other normal day. If not some fancy expensive trip -you could always go somewhere closer, even if for a shorter span!

5.           Make them do chores
They’re home all day, they’re bored. Make chores fun for them. Get them to clean up their own toys, help keep the house tidy or other smaller errands here and there like watering the plants etc. It’s important to reward them with positive reinforcements so that they are encouraged to help around!

Happy Vacations you all!