Saturday, March 3, 2018

Jumping Frog - Food Review

Jumping Frog is a new place in Belapur CBD, in the same line as others like Lumber Bar and Sammy Sosa. The facade looks amazing with green vines and white giant pots giving it a lovely look. 

On entering inside there are different seating options - chairs, sofas and a high table to choose from. The interiors and lighting are well done and the theme of Jumping Frog is represented wherever possible, in a quirky manner. 

We started with the JF loaded nachos, makai methi tikki and Mombasa kebab. The nachos were nice, loaded with many sauces but they were not the best nachos I've had. I personally prefer them literally loaded with beans and cheese. But the makai methi tikkis and chicken Mombasa kebab were yum, melt in the mouth. The kebab were coated in grounded peanuts paste so it gave it an amazing flavour. All served with onion salad and green chutney. 

We also called for the Wasabi peas jhaal muri - it was tasty but it tasted like Norma jhaal muri with a hint of mustard - not exactly Wasabi to me. For main course we tried the red chicken pizza that had spicy paprika chicken, jalapeƱo, olives and onions. This was in HOT spicy pizza but very tasty, and thin and crispy - if you like your pizza that way. We also had the chicken Pie which was soo comforting. Imagine baked chicken plus mashed potato plus mushrooms. Bland as compared to the other dishes but that's how it is supposed to be. 

For drinks we had the naked Desi and bar man's special cocktail - the first was slightly bitter the latter was delicious - fruity with rum. For second round I had the blue frog which was 4 white spirits and red bull and blue in colour. Absolutely yumm and loaded with alcohol enough to make you jump like a frog soon. Lol. 

For desserts we had their recommended mud cake which was so goeey and warm and yum. Also the apple pie but that wasn't a hit with us, it didn't feel like the original apple pie the way it should be. The music was amazing, ambiance perfect. 

They also have a dance floor on the first floor incase u wanna shake a leg, so I definitely am coming back for that because Navi Mumbai really doesn't have many dance floors tbh. Pricing is quite decent and overall it's a great place to come chill with friends or loved ones! Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to be updated with their latest events and offers.