Wednesday, March 21, 2018

#CuttingPaani - An initiative by LivPure

Do you remember when guests come home and we serve them water (typically in a fancy glass), and so many of the times they don’t drink it or just take a couple of sips and what do we do with the leftover water? Straight into the sink. I mean, obviously no one is going to drink someone’s jhootha water, this is India, hello!

Water, as a natural resource, is depleting. It’s not even something that we see happening in the future, it’s happening NOW. I recently read somewhere that Australia is already having a water crisis and soon water will be limited and accounted for – each citizen will be allotted a certain amount of water for daily usage. Crazy, isn’t it? But true.

I, personally do not support wastage of water for fun like Rain Dance or Holi Celebrations. I may have enjoyed them as a kid, but I am a grown up now and know the importance of water. I am not saying we mustn’t enjoy at all, we should. But rather play with water-guns than have a tanker called to arrange for rain dance.

So how do we save water in our daily lives in help create a positive impact?

1. Be practical rather than polite

From the first example I stated. Why not ask your guests if they would like to drink water beforehand rather than bringing the glasses in tray in front of them? For all you know they will refuse and let you know that they’re not feeling thirsty. I would rather be frank than waste precious drinking water. The concept of #CuttingPaani by Livpure is another cool way of saving water, check it out –

2. A quick shower is the way to go!

There are many online stats that state that a shower consumes less water as compared to a bucket & tumbler or tub bath (I envy those rich people who have bath-tubs by the way!). Obviously, that does not mean you sit under the shower for an hour. Have a quick shower, clean yourself and get out. We metropolitans don’t have the time in life as it is.

3. Change in mind-set –

Have you ever noticed that you will use electricity, water and other resources more mindfully at your home? But when you’re at a hotel, at someone else’s home, at your workplace etc – you will not give it a second thought at exploit these resources. Here is where you need to change your mind-set and remember that whoever is paying for the electricity or water, it is you who is misusing it and because of such instances your future generations may not even get water!

4. Smarter way of cleaning –

We Indians still clean our homes using dry and wet clothes, a broom swipe followed by poncha. Observe, how the maid will fill the whole tub with water to wipe the floor, and once it gets dirty – throw the water. The same thing could be done in one-fourth of the water. Also people living in bungalows or apartments with balconies – don’t clean your terraces/roof/verandahs daily! Once a week deep cleaning should be enough and imagine how much water that would save.

5. Educate your children and other family members/friends –

Now that you’re doing everything to save water and use it cautiously, it’s time to spread the word. Teach your kids to not waste water, my toddler loves washing his hands for a long time and I keep explaining that wasting water is not good. Because he is still too young to understand, I then close the main water valve and tell him that the security guard cut off the water because kiddo was not listening. Well, whatever works!

What are the steps you take to save water? Take the #CuttingPaani petition today!


  1. Need to start kids young about saving water. So true

  2. hahaha I am guilty of that white lie too. I cut off the main valve and tell him water is over and thats what happens if you keep the water running while bathing.

    1. Hahaha, things we do as parents.. Thanks for reading!