Monday, February 19, 2018

Soft-play areas are the in-thing these days, and I was thrilled to be invited to a new one right here in Navi Mumbai! Well it’s not exactly new, former play centre called Zig Zag Zoo is now bigger and better – new management and renamed as Zoo Woo Boo!

Located at the now-happening Satara Plaza, above Kailash Parbat (which is also owned by the same family by the way), is Zoo Woo Boo – as the name suggests – with a jungle/zoo theme with animals drawn over the walls and an overall look and feel of being in the jungle. It’s the largest play center in Navi Mumbai (well, there are hardly 2-3) but 3500 square feet is huge!

I really love and appreciate kids’ play areas that have a separate cafĂ© where adults can also chill with a cup of coffee and grab a bite while the kids enjoy. How I would love to read a book or finish my work while the kid is busy for a couple of hours! Talking about the unique propositions – Zoo Woo Boo boasts a sand area, water bed and some other toys for kids! There is something for each age group – ranging from 6 months to 12 years. My 3 year old who was till few months back scared of the bigger slides, had a blast – he left no area uncovered.

You can host birthday parties, kitty parties and the cafe area can be reserved for you in that case. Just perfect – kids happy parents happy – win-win situation! And since they own the Kailash Parbat downstairs – that’s their catering partner – so food (yummy food) is also sorted! (Package and pricing details below).

If there is one thing I would suggest is I could not see staff/attendants in the play-area's different places - specially for the younger kids - who might need some supervision. There were a couple of times where I couldn't find where my toddler was (the place is huge and my kid is fast) - I would have been at peace if I knew there is someone stationed everywhere in case there is any need.
Also, didn't try anything from the cafe so cannot comment on that. Lastly, I wanted to purchase a bottle of water but didn't have any change of Rs.500 so they couldn't provide me with a bottle (worth Rs.20), so make sure you are carrying your own water bottle or some change. You have to carry your socks too - for the kid and for yourself if you want to enter the play area (that's a standard rule worldwide).

They plan to keep having a lot of workshops and activities for both kids and mommies, they just had a t-shirt painting activity over the last weekend. So to stay aware of what’s happening soon, follow them on Facebook or Instagram!


  1. Such a fun place to be, will take my niece. Thanks for sharing.

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