Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Winter tips for toddlers!

Winter is a season all of us love! The nip in the air, getting under warm blankets, sipping on hot chocolate and of course - Christmas! What’s not to love? But if you’re a parent, winter also means kids suffering from a cough and cold all the time, running behind these little monsters, trying to convince them to wear a sweater and put on socks. Here are some tips for your little ones to make their winters amazing -

1.           Explore the outdoors!
Winter is the best time to take that ever pending family vacation, or weekend getaway or at least a picnic. Make the most of those pending leaves and Christmas holidays and head over to a new place to  make some new memories together as a family! We just got back from a trip to Goa with our kiddo and it was great! Don’t forget to carry your child’s medicines and other essentials like a mosquito repellent. I find using Goodknight mosquito repellent Patches the best for vacations as you simply need to stick them on your kid’s outfit and you’re good to go for 8 hours! I used them on a daily basis during our trip.

2.           Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize… 

Even Mumbai winters can get dry and it’s even worse in the northern cities! If it makes our skin dry, rough and itchy, imagine how much worse it can get for your little ones! You can use whatever brand or product you are comfortable with, but make sure to apply it abundantly after having a bath and before sleeping. My personal regime is to apply coconut oil all over my kiddo after his bath, and a lotion before he sleeps at night.

3.           Immunity building and staying away from sickness –
Winter is the time when there will be many kids absent at school because they’re down with fever, cold or cough. It’s better to avoid sending them to school when they’re sick, instead of them spreading the virus amongst other kids. If your kid is falling ill frequently – it could be a sign of poor immunity. Talk to your doctor about the same and start including Chyawanprash, turmeric milk, etc. in their routine. Best to start early! Also, teach them to cough with their mouth covered and to wash their hands frequently.
A good mosquito repellent is also an absolute must. My personal favourite is the 100% natural Goodknight Fabric Roll-On since it is paediatrician certified and I can simply apply just 4 dots on my kid’s clothes regularly for complete protection!

4.           Yummy and healthy food - 
Winter is the best time when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables – green peas, seasonal carrots, grapes and berries. Experiment with raw food recipes to introduce the winter delicacies to your kiddo as healthy alternatives to potatoes, biscuits, etc. There are many recipes available online. This is also the time to indulge in sesame and jaggery based sweets like til laddus, gajak, or bajra roti with jaggery and dal – whatever you can get your kid to try and like!

5.           Cute, adorable winter-wear -
Having a tough time covering your kids in full clothes? I face that trouble too so here’s what I do - I try to buy my son’s favourite cartoon printed apparels that he likes, rather than buying something that I like. For instance, he has an animal themed night suit that he absolutely loves and wears it happily! We play a little game where I point out and ask him to spot the different animals. This gets him interested and I don’t need to run behind him. But this was just night wear. There are many online websites that you can browse to purchase winter gear for your kids.
Winters get over in a jiffy, so make the most of this joyous time of the year and celebrate this wonderful life! Happy holidays everyone!


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