Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Enjoying the rainy season with kids!

Monsoons are my favourite season. The downpour, amazing climate, lush greenery and overall atmosphere never fails to make me happy on the inside, not to forget it's my birthday month! My li’l one seems to love water as much as me – be it the pool, bath time or playing with water half-way drinking it. He is absolutely thrilled when it rains, and believe it or not – thunder does not scare him, he laughs!

There are a few things every parent should keep in mind so that both they and the kids can enjoy this season:

1. Vaccinations

Doctors advise to get flu shots just before the onset of monsoons, as this is the time when the virus is most widespread. And these days even H1N1 is there everywhere, and being contagious, you want to be extra careful. Talk to the pediatrician for advise on vaccinations. Once that is out of your mind, you will be more carefree. My kiddo had the flu last monsoon, and it was a week I won’t forget. After that, I make sure he’s given the influenza shots and other vaccines as recommended by the pediatrician.

2. Rainy-wear

If your kid goes to school, you’ll have got them rainy-shows or crocs/boots and raincoats. Make sure the footwear is comfortable and has a good grip, because it is slippery everywhere and kids just won’t stop running and playing, why should they. Don’t go for raincoats just for their print or colour, look at the plastic quality and go for a good brand. My toddler has a raincoat but absolutely hates wearing it. I manage with a big umbrella that accommodates both of us. I’d love to know what do you do if your kiddo refuses to wear a raincoat?

3. Keep ‘em safe from insects and mosquitoes

Monsoon or no monsoon, there are mosquitoes everywhere thanks to various reasons. And if during the rainy season, it stops raining for a couple of days, mosquitoes quickly multiply, thanks to all the stagnant water, and the most frightening part of mosquitoes is diseases like dengue, chikungunya & malaria.
Whenever the weather permits I make my toddler wear full pants while going out, but one thing I regularly follow is applying a mosquito repellent every time we go out. I have recently started using Good knight Fabric Roll-On  mosquito repellent. And I absolutely love it as it is 100% natural & so convenient to apply! All that has to be done is applying 4 dots on your clothes. 

4. Where to play?

We parents are very cautious and scared of letting kids play outside during rains due to various reasons. But at least when it’s not raining, we must make the most of it and take them outdoors. If the anxiety of mosquito bites and illness is what’s stopping us, there are various mosquito repellents to guard our li’l ones! Monsoons are also great for picnics or visiting scenic places like Lonavala, Matheran, Khandala and Good knight Patches are good to go all day and is easiest in terms of applications – so it’s perfect for travels. Parents can alternate and invite all the kids home to play and have a good time! Fun way to mingle and keep boredom away. Plus when your kid is away at other’s play dates, you have some me-time too! ;)

5. Let them be!

We, as parents today are very scared, anxious, extra careful and why not – things are not as safe as they once were. We stop the kids from getting drenched, or jumping in muddy puddles and so on. But I really feel we should let them be. What’s childhood without some fun? A few extra dirty clothes to be washed is totally worth all the priceless childhood memories created. In fact, I’d go one step further and jump into a puddle along with him and relive my childhood days!

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