Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jumble Tumble - Kids Indoor Play Space & Cafe - Mulund - Review

Since parks are a no-go during the monsoon season, the best thing for kids are soft-play areas and I was thrilled to visit the newly opened 'Jumble Tumble' in Rmall (2nd Floor), Mulund.

I love the whole concept of soft play areas - colourful, a variety of offerings like trampolines, plastic ball pits, slides etc with proper care taken like foam edges, etc so that kids don't get hurt plus a crew to look after the crazy excited kids. Icing on the cake is when these places also have a cafe for parents to chill and have a cuppa tea while their kids are joyfully playing.

I was very impressed by the size of Jumble Tumble, it has a complete trampoline section along with foam cubes - usually you will see one normal round trampoline that accommodates 2-3 kids but this is a huge space that can easily have 15 kids at a time! The normal ball pit with slide is there but there also is a kid's magnetic zipline from which the kids can jump into the ball pit - it was really cool and my kiddo totally loved it.

There also is a toddlers zone with lots of toys and activities for infants and 2-3 year old toddlers - mine loved the miniature animals they had. There are these really beautiful looking hanging tents in which the kids loved going and setting camp. mine was a little scared of it, but older kids were enjoying it.

This is a great place for play-dates and birthday parties you can check the options and pricing on the Jumble Tumble website. The normal rates are Rs.350 on weekdays and Rs.400 on weekends for one child with one adult. There is a lower price of Rs.200 for infants, which is great, haven't seen other play centres do this.

Do not forget to carry your socks, or else you have to purchase them here. If you stay in Mulund, don't forget to check out their membership programs and if you're a Jammie, there are some exclusive discounts going on currently! I am definitely going to consider this place for kiddo's birthday.