Saturday, March 4, 2017

Benefits of using a PC at home for learning #DellAarambh

A PC is a door to a whole new world for a curious kid. Learning today is a complete departure from the way it used to be and, as a parent, I’m very pleased by that change. My li’l toddler loves to explore nursery rhymes and educational videos and has learnt colours and numbers just because of them. He also loves playing instruments virtually, and there are so many cooler things out there!

Kids nowadays learn really fast. They have sharper minds, they pick up things quicker and have access to quick-access knowledge banks via technology in like smartphones, tablets and PC’s. Though it is definitely important to monitor and control their screen time, it is also essential we realize that giving kids access to technology is inevitable.

I remember as a kid and college student, the PC could offer only so much. I mostly used the PC for my college projects, skimming through the most common encyclopaedia software – Britannica, to searching for images. Today, there is so much a PC has to offer to a child and expand their overall learning scope. 

Information for any age group and any subject is easily available online. Though some of it may come at a cost, a lot of the study material comes for free. Everyone has broadband connections at home, which means fast internet and the option to easily download study material or stream videos seamlessly.

If there is a subject you do not understand, there are so many visual aids – 2D and 3D animations, experts/teachers explaining via a video, study guides etc. available online. I really wish we had such things back in the day, I was really bad at Physics, Chemistry & Geometry – just couldn’t understand equations and theorems. Today there are such interesting ways of studying and understanding how things work, it’s incredible.

For a student appearing in their board exams, access to practice papers and previous years’ question papers is must. I remember in my time, we had to request seniors to share question papers or check with the library if they had a copy and if they did, get it photocopied and return. Today, the kids can simply search for it online, download and read.

They can also see tutorials to learn a new language, build their own robot and even learn how to play a new instrument. It doesn’t stop there. Augmented reality apps where you can watch the solar system orbit, for instance, or the VR glasses through which you can feel like you’re really in a different place have transformed the learning experience entirely.

Of course, equal importance needs to be given to actual books, writing and old-school methods too, too much of anything, after all, is never good. But PC’s have definitely changed education, learning and knowledge gathering significantly.

The best part of the PC is that it also allows me to spend time with my lil one and get more involved with his learning process. Interactive learning really is better and has opened up a new dimension to learning. I actually believe that it will have a direct impact on my child’s imagination and, being a creative myself, that’s exciting. This really is the reason I’ve signed up to support the #DellAarambh campaign. Check it out today at

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