Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MamaEarth - Safe Skin Care Products for Babies - Review

As a parent of a baby or toddler, we're always looking for the best of the products for our li'l ones. Now when I say best, that does not necessarily mean buying very expensive clothes or toys, but start with the most prime need of all - Skin Care.

When they're exposed to the harsh environment after the protection they get inside the womb, baby skin needs a lot of care and protection. And if the baby has sensitive skin, prone to rashes or boils - the care that needs to be taken is a lot more.

I received a really smart baby bag in my mail one day which had 4 products by MamaEarth in it - A mosquito repellant, body lotion, baby shampoo and baby oil: All in identical looking packaging of either pump bottles or squeeze bottles. I love the name MamaEarth itself, to start with, and was excited to try these products for my li'l one.

1. Moisturizing daily lotion for babies  - contains shea butter and jojoba oil

The lotion is like any other lotion in texture and application - but it does not have any fragrance to it which says a lot about it being all about natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. It's priced at Rs.299 for a 200ml bottle.

2. Gentle cleansing shampoo for babies Tear free, with Coconut based cleansers

This one also is a squeeze out bottle like the lotion, and has a very mild coconut fragrance if you really go to smell it. It is gentle on baby's eyes and lathers and cleans the scalp well. It's priced at Rs.299 for a 200ml bottle too.

3. Natural insect repellent - with citronella, lemon and eucalyptus oil

It's nice to know how there are people out there who really care for getting natural products as far as possible. Godrej Goodknight also recently launched a natural insect repellent roll-on, and MamaEarth's insect repellent has similar ingredients and is DEET free. This comes in a pump-out bottle and a strong frangrance of cintronella and eucalpytus. This is priced at Rs.299 for 100ml.

4. Soothing massage oil for babieswith sesame, almond and jojoba oil

This, for some reason is my favourite product of the 4. I love the combination of sesame, almond and jojoba oil together and this one even has a pleasant fragrance. It's priced at Rs.299 for 100ml bottle.

Overall, I am glad to have tried these products and feel so happy that a set of parents out there wanted the safest products not only for their munchkin, but for all the kiddos out there. I personally felt that the packaging could be better - the pump bottles are not very smooth and the other one did not close very nicely so that could be bit of an issue if you were travelling with the products.

I really love how they've described their products etc on their website - So much love and thought put towards it all - do check their website out. They have a couple of more products under their umbrella - Sunscreen for babies (Now isn't that cool, I can't think of any other brand I have used who have a sunscreen for babies), diaper rash cream and deeply nourishing body-wash.

Their products are available on Amazon and FirstCry.