Monday, November 7, 2016

My Dream Home

Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically. Haha.. I’m sure that most of us our very content in our small living spaces in the city where it’s a privilege to have a verandah or guest bedroom. You’d be fortunate to have a room just to yourself too, you’ll mostly end up sharing it with your sibling or kid.

But like everyone, even I have a dream home that I wish one day will come true. My dream home would be a small cottage or bungalow with a lawn outside that has green grass, plants mainly fruits and vegetables that I grow to cook food, a few flowering plants and even a mango tree that would yield results years down the line. It would also have chairs and a table, the perfect place to have the morning tea or read a book on the weekend. There would also be a swing and basketball hoop for my little one, a private li’l garden of his own.

My cottage would have 4 rooms – one for me and the husband, one for my kid, one guests room and one would be converted into a closet for my clothes and shoes fetish! They would all be decorated with tasteful furniture and colours, and kid’s room will have a bunk bed with a study table below and bed upstairs, like the one I always wanted but never had. So much fun!

We would also have a small temple area near the kitchen, and the living room would have a library with a separate couch and the extended dining room would have a dining table with a revolving train that serves dishes to everyone.

Most importantly, there would be abundance of love and warmth, with the family eating together and spending quality time with one another. We would have a basket to keep all smartphones and gadgets in while having dinner, and would also have a message board where people could leave a message for each other so nothing is forgotten.

There would also be a wall with the most favorite photos put up on canvas, all the happy memorable times freezed for eternity. Well that more or less describes My Dream Home. If you are from Pune, or don’t mind relocating there, you could actually make such a dream home come true with Godrej Greens - Homes amidst the largest central greens in Undri, Pune. I think it’s great to have so much of greenery, it should be implemented in all cities, there will be better climate and so much more place for our kid to play or ride a bike, and for us for the morning/evening walks or yoga time.

What is your dream home like? I’d love to know.

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