Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Recently, Colgate sent me four toothpaste packs from their limited edition Magical Stories range. Though we use Colgate at home, it was not the one in which you get these. I'm pretty sure you must have seen this cute TVC already -

Though my kid is only about 2 years old, and cannot make his own stories right now, I was excited to cut these sea-world characters out for him to observe, play and learn. Don't we parents want our kids to pick everything up fast? 

My neighbour has a 5 year old son, and one day when he came to our home and saw these packs he was very excited because he had been asking his mom to get them for him since some days. So I couldn't help but give 2 of the packs to him, you should've seen the delight on his face!

I told him to tell his mumma to share pictures with me, and here they are -

Not only kids, adults who like to be creative will enjoy this craft time with their li'l ones too. Plus there are so many facts that even I did not know of and read on the pack. My li'l one really loved the fishes and now I know that one day maybe I can get him a pet goldfish! 

It is such a simple and thoughtful innovation by Colgate, instead of throwing the pack, make use of it to enhance children's imagination, give them some activity that doesn't involve gadgets and of-course, encourage them to brush teeth (twice a day). Hat's off guys, whoever thought of this deserves to be complimented.

For my kid, I put together a story combining 2 of the packs, why not?

The sea-world theme reminded me of the famous movie series Pirates of the Carribean, with the octopus and lady-pirate and all. My story involved a good pirate in search for a hidden treasure left by his ancestors but no one was able to search for it till now. It was protected by a mighty octopus, and only a true honest pirate would be able to take the treasure away. The pirate, with the help of his talking parrot and crew, finds the treasure. Fishes try to stop him from going in the sea, warning him that whoever has gone till now has never come back. But our pirate here is not one to easily get scared. He dives in, faces the octopus and his fish friends. The octopus asks him, that answer my question honestly and if I get to know that you're telling the truth, I'll let you take it. Our octopus friend has superpowers of not only changing his colour quickly but also knowing if one is lying or not. He asks the pirate - "What will you do with the treasure?". The Pirate replies - "Sir, I'll be honest. I will use a small portion to repair my ship, rest will be divided between my crew and their family back home, they need it more than me." The Octopus was not only happy with the answer, but also knew it was the trust; and he gladly let the pirate take the treasure home. Moral of the story - Honestly is the best policy, Take only how much you need and charity begins at home. :)

Thank you Colgate, on behalf of all the kids who enjoyed story-telling sessions with the pack. And will look forward to more themes and series in the future, when my kid is old enough to make his own stories!


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