Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sleeping Ugly...

Fairy tales, romance novels, chick-flicks and the sort literally ruin our lives. I’m not saying that I don’t like to watch or read these happily ever after’s. Of course I do, like any other normal girl. But you have to agree, they are to be blamed when we’re waiting for our prince charming or fairy god-mother.

Being a woman is awesome, but it may not always be as perfect and beautiful as depicted in these fictitious stories and characters. Have you ever wondered how come these princesses don’t ever suffer from acne breakouts, cancel going for the annual ball because they've just started their period and it's uncomfortable or don’t ever put on weight (Except for Princess Fiona from Shrek maybe)?
These false notions make us grow up with really high hopes about everything, and then one day they all get shattered and we realize, life is different. I mean, have you ever seen any Disney princess PMSing or any chick-flick character be embarrassed about a stained bed? That my friends, is real life.
In-fact, the problem does not end here. Imagine all those boys who have watched or read these fairy tales or movies and what their expectations from us females must be. I mean, females do burp and fart too, anyone who felt grotesque after reading that, you are the one’s I am shaming right now.

All you females who have been struggling to sleep in peace during those days of the month, specially on days when there is heavy bleeding need to try the Sofy Overnight napkin which is available upto XXXL size (420mm) protecting the hip area from staining. So no more stained clothes, bed-sheets or mattresses. Specially if you sleep with your sibling or husband, such mornings can get embarrassing, and you might be one of those who wakes up a couple of times in the middle of the night to check if all is okay.
I happened to see the following video by Sofy Overnight, and I think all you girls should watch it too:

I love how they are debunking the beauty sleep and perfect poses and encouraging people to be themselves. It’s okay if you talk in your sleep, it’s okay if you sleep in a fetal position like a small baby. Sleeping pretty or sleeping ugly, what matters is being comfortable in your own skin. And on those days of the month also we deserve to sleep however we want to, which is why night pads have to be specially designed so that one can sleep stress-free.
I'm really glad how the Indian society is finally opening up to talking about menstruation so openly, and not keeping it hushed and secretive making us women feel like we're at fault or doing something wrong which one has to be embarrassed about. I'm also glad that all the old-wives tales and myths are coming to an end and at-least in the cities noone follows the three day no kitchen, don't touch this don't touch that, sleep separately and other taboos. 
Thank you Sofy for the inspiring video, and for sending across your new product – The Sofy Bodyfit Overnight, so that I can peacefully sleep ugly.  :)


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