Friday, July 22, 2016

A weekend rendezvous with the Volkswagen Vento!

I love long drives, and used to even enjoy driving (as long as there is no bumper to bumper traffic) before my pregnancy. After I had my baby, I've been out of practice. I am extra scared and anxious, specially to have the Baby on board. I usually let driving be taken care of by the men in my family, who have got the practice.

Recently, the weekend before my Birthday, Volkswagen sent me their Vento TSI DSG, to give it a spin and try it out. This is the highline model, and me as well as my family were very excited! It's a massive upgrade from our small, first car Nano.

The Vivacious Vento! 
It was the Titanium Beige coloured one, and the first impression is simply a jaw-dropping wow. Now mind you, I am more of a hatchback person, I prefer small cars that are easy to park and navigate around in a city. There are very few sedans that impress me, and the Vento was one. We do have a Vento in our extended family and they've been very happy with it, so I was sure that I would enjoy it for the weekend!

Beauty AND a Beast.
On Saturday, we took it for a ride in my vicinity, along with my kiddo. The first thing I checked on sitting inside is all the safety measures :

I could spot two air-bags in the front - one for the driver and one for the co-passenger and Fog lights in the front and back, parking indicator etc. The car also has two interesting features - Anti-lock breaking system that allows you to steer while braking; and the hill-hold control - which prevents the car from rolling back when you're going up-hill (this feature is so important to me, as I've always faced trouble on steep slopes or up-hill when there is traffic and you need to wait.)

My favourite click from the weekend. #WallpaperWorthy
The Volkswagen Vento is extremely spacious, both in the back and front. The highline variant had amazing luxurious interiors - complete with arm rest in the front and back amongst other features. We quickly figured how automatic works (since we have a manual gear), and in no time were exploring my vicinity which I have newly moved to, along with exploring the car itself.

The weather added to the overall pleasure of the drive, we played some good tracks on the infotainment. We also grabbed some coffee as takeaway and the cup-holders in the front and back were both useful!

The view from Parsik Hill. #NaviMumbai
The suspension is pretty decent too, otherwise when I travel by cabs with my kid, I'm always scared of him bumping into the car's ceiling and hitting his head. The next day my cousins decided to throw me a surprise pre-birthday party, and they were in for a surprise when they saw the Vento! Not only them, the beast caught quite a few stares from a lot of people over the weekend and that itself says a lot about it.

We took the car to some best Monsoon spots near my home - Driver's range and Pandavkada waterfall, Parsik Hill. Uphill or downhill, it rolled smoothly like butter and I felt safe and confident inside.

Chilling in the back-seat and checking out all the space!
We do a lot of things for our and our family's safety - Like purchasing medi-claims and insurances, or purchasing umbrellas and raincoats or gumboots for the monsoon or sweaters for the winters. So, safety while commuting is of upmost importance, and I am happy Volkswagen goes out of the way to make sure to do that.

You can read up the complete features and specifications here. Thank you Volkswagen, you've got a fan for life!


  1. Sounds like you had fun, but that's the way Volkswagen so they call it make you feel before you buy the car!! I've owned one since a little over a year now and I've had a complaint since day one of delivery of the car with the brakes of the car, they still have not fixed this issue in the car and have been avoiding it. Ideally the car company is supposed to replace the car if it's delivered with such problems but VW here in Mumbai refused to do that and don't even seem to want to look into the issue at hand .

    1. Hi, I did hear from my cousin also that she was extremely happy with the car but not so much with the after sales service. Why don't you reach out to them on social media? Maybe it'll help! I definitely have no say in the after-purchase scenario.

    2. Just draft an stinker and send it to " " and you will be sorted. A smart way to get the best service :)
      I have tried this out with "Honda" even and trust me The Brand don't give a shit to the showroom guys. They will have to follow you up on this.

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