Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Are you ready to #DoYourHomework?

As a new parent, there are so many responsibilities. Growth and development of my kid, all the milestones being witnessed and recorded (he started walking and running, clapping hands and nodding his head to say no recently), seeing to it that he gets proper nutrition, vaccines etc.
In any usual case, this is also the time when the parents are in their late twenties or early thirties, when their career is climbing up and they’re working hard to get themselves established and see to it that they have a comfortable retirement. Me and my husband also come in this category where we’re working hard daily to get make our respective careers strong and climb the ladder. But we get so engrossed and involved in doing our office work, that we have been completely ignoring our homework.

The cost of living these days is high, everything right from groceries to medicines to education, is costly. In-fact most of the parents or to-be-parents will say that they prefer to have a single child just so that they can afford to give the best of the necessities to one, than compromise and make-do with whatever possible in the case of two or three children. That is the case with me too, I would love to have 2-3 kids but I know that I’m no billionaire to afford the luxury of a large family.

Anyway, coming back to the point. My eyes were recently opened by Axis Mutual Fund #DoYourHomework campaign, which talk’s about being ready financially (and emotionally) and plan for child’s future in a organized manner. Kid’s who’re born in this millennia are blessed with so many different career options, it’s not the same old doctor, engineer or MBA routine we saw in our days. But to back their dreams, we parents need to do our Homework. And I vow to start today, with the help of my tutor – Axis Mutual Fund. I really appreciate the way they’re connecting with the emotions of an overwhelmed and scared parent via their video, app and on-ground activations. Have a look at them, and if you’re yet to start doing your homework, don’t be guilty, let bygones be bygones, but do not delay anymore. 

Do share how are you planning to start doing your homework, let's compare are marks later! ;)


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