Thursday, February 25, 2016

Face Change Armed with a Plan - #Khudkokarbuland

Life is uncertain. Change is the only constant. In today’s day and age, everything is unpredictable, a natural disaster could destroy your home in minutes; a chronic health disease could pop-up out of nowhere, you never know if this was the last time you bid goodbye to your loved one when they’re heading to work or out for errands.

I’m not trying to scare you or make you think negatively here. I’m just stating the sad truth of life, but had you been prepared for the worst, life would have been better. Let me give you a few real life examples from some people I personally know.

My dad has met with a lot of motor-accidents in his life. A couple of times they were really bad. By God’s grace he always recovers, because he always thinks positively and has stability. Years ago he once caught a flu that had him bed-ridden and away from work for a month. But because he had savings, a cooperating family and office staff, and most importantly self-confidence and determination, he managed to take care of work right from home. And whatever loss (lack of profit) incurred, he didn’t worry about it, and simply worked harder later to recover it. Such is the nature of humans, the never give up attitude.

My husband (then boyfriend) on one of our trips to Goa, fell in the darkness along with the two-wheeler because it was rainy and the bike skid and slipped into a black hole. It was 4am at night and hence we couldn’t even see where he went. All of us screamed and were in shock. In a minute or two, he came up climbing on vines and branches and announced that he was alright. Though he was in shock, there was no wound on him. It was like spider-man had taken over his body and mind for that time being. We later recovered the two-wheeler with the help of some locals, which had broken. I cannot even imagine what would have happened if he did not have the presence of mind to grasp whatever he could and climb up. Today we tell this story to friends, and laugh it off.

Another unpredictable event of my life was the arrival of my baby. He came into the world when we had least expected, and basically were not prepared. Though he is the best thing that’s happened to me, I do wish that I had been given the time to prepare for his arrival, mentally, financially etc.  To add on to the unpredictability, I had an emergency c-section even though the doctor had said that it’s going to be a normal delivery, and had a lot of blood loss and took months to recover completely.

I’m sure even most of you have yourself or know someone who has similar stories of how life has taken sharp turns without you bring prepared for them. Take a look at this video and see another example of unpredictable life –

To keep moving ahead in this unpredictable life, it’s very important to have a backup plan, a hidden superpower or in plain words, Insurance. That’s what Birla Sun Life Insurance is trying to say with their video. We need to go forward fearlessly with the battle cry of #KhudKoKarBuland. And being fearless is possible only when back in the mind we know that everything will be alright, irrespective of the outcome of the situation.


  1. No matter how u feel
    get up
    dressed up
    & show up...
    never give up

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