Thursday, January 21, 2016

Grow your security with sound investments! #JanoTohMano

We start the process of learning how to save money right from childhood. Our parents get us a piggy bank and teach us how by putting in coins, one day we can save enough to buy a big toy that we wanted. This encourages us to run errands for our elders, collect pocket money and save it all and see the money grow. Makes you feel nostalgic?

Then in our youth, we kind of let it go, as we enjoy going out with friends, watching movies, partying, etc. and with such a lifestyle we can say goodbye to our pocket money and savings!  If you’re going through this phase or have gone through this phase, you must have heard your parents say, “Beta, paise ped  par nahi ugte!” (Money doesn’t grow on trees).

Then comes the phase when we start working, our first job or first promotion is always so special; or maybe a start-up that is finally starting to show profit. And now we think, what is the best way to invest this money so that it grows multi-folds? Most of us go to our parents to guide us with the best way.

The old school methods are opening a savings account or fixed deposit, which gives you an assured, but not very big return. Some adrenaline junkies and risk-takers will invest in the stock market, and may even see their money shrink or even vanish.

Money is the ultimate security, and no one can ever have enough of it. Money is needed for basic needs like food and shelter and also for luxuries like vacations and jewelry. It’s also a sad truth of life that money is power, “Paisa bolta hai”. So every person who has common sense knows that to live a comfortable life in this new-age lifestyle that demands internet, smartphone, car and the sorts, you need to invest your money smartly to give you a profitable, yet comparatively safe return.

Have you ever wondered that your parents or guardians might be following a decades old fool-proof method? Or maybe they heard of someone have a bad experience in one-off wrong investment and they have shunned investing in mutual funds, etc. Maybe they’re satisfied with whatever interest they’re getting from their fixed deposits because they do not have the need to spend a lot now that they’re in the age when worldly goods matter less and relations matter more.

What I’m trying to say is, instead of asking around for advice, do your own research. Talk to experts from well-established companies, and they will all tell you that investing in SIP’s is definitely the new-age thing. And every smart person knows that investing in them is the best (and not extremely risky) method to actually make your money grow as if it were a plant being nurtured! So, #JanoTohMano, and don’t just blindly be part of a herd.

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