Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Bestseller She Wrote - Ravi Subramaniam - Review

I have read a couple of other books my the author Ravi Subramaniam (The bankster, God is a gamer) and have become a fan. Hence, when his latest book - The Bestseller She Wrote arrived in mail, I was thrilled!

It's already mentioned on the cover that it's soon to be a motion picture and that obviously increases the curiosity further, because as far as I know, none of his earlier books have been made into a movie yet. I read only during my daily commute to work, so finished reading this fast paced book in 5 days or you can say around 10-12 hours.

The book revolves around a established famous author and his affair and ups and downs. How one can get smitten and forget what is wrong or right and how true love is strong to overcome all such instances. My favourite character in the book is Maya, she is the ideal wife or mother. The book is a very present NOW book with mentions of the author Ravi himself along with Chetan Bhagat, mention about bloggers and social media, also a mention about Blogadda, yay! Ravi Subramaniam is always bringing about the latest happenings in his book, whether talking about bitcoins or bloggers.

It's indeed a very fimly story, no doubt some producer decided to buy the film rights. And throughout the story I kept picturing which actors would suit which roles the best. I think Arjun Kapoor would play the role of a successful author really well, and Pareeniti could play the role of Shreya and maybe Priyanka Chopra the role of Maya. Anyways, coming back to the book, though is again is placed in the banking world, it was more of romance, sex, drama and glamour as compared to any of his other books. 

There is a twist in the end, which was not foreseen, but for me personally this wasn't the best work by the author. But if you're a fan of Bollywood and such stories, then you are going to enjoy this book thoroughly. I have enjoyed his other books more, though. But will definitely await the movie and watch it whenever it releases.

I am yet to read all the books by Ravi Subramaniam, will get my hands on them soon. You can buy the book online on Flipkart or Amazon or pick it up from your nearest bookshop, This book also inspired and reminded me of my dream to one day write a book of myself. There is so much to learn from these authors.

Take a look at the cool way they've marketed the book, even his other books always have a animated video - 

You can follow author Ravi on twitter - @subramanianravi he's a very interactive author! Looking forward to more books in the future. Do check out other reviews on my blog too! 

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