Friday, November 6, 2015

Meet the #ChampInCity! Nexus 5X - A review.

Around last week, this beautiful gadget came home. The all new LG Nexus 5X. I was completely and entirely excited because I have used the Nexus 4 for 2 years and I completely loved the journey, jumping to the Nexus 6, which unfortunately turned out, not the best phone for me. So, having the history I had with the Google Nexus, I was game.

The phone is a sleek, really lightweight gadget with a classy back finish. I really love the mint colour version they have, but the black is great too. It was so light that for a second I was wondering is the battery still in the box. :P I couldn't wait to open it and try it's features out!

Though I mainly got the phone to click pictures around my city, Mumbai, I also am later going to talk about it's features and my verdict.

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, you must have seen my updates as I took images from different parts of my city, but if you missed them, here are a few I love:

Low Light - Night View from home. 
Day light - View from work (Vidhan Bhavan, Mumbai on the left).
The magnificent lifeline of Mumbai - CST Station from outside.
The BMC Office, Mumbai
3 Monkeys - An Installation in near home - Edited on Layout for Instagram (No Filter)
Panorama at The Li'l Flea
Selfie - Front Camera - At the Li'l Flea

Took this video just to test the new Boomerang app by Instagram.

 I loved all the images I captured from this phone, the shutter time is improved from the Nexus 6, the front camera gives awesome results as you can see above. And most of these are not even on HDR+ on.

Now, talking about rest of the features-

What I love-

1. Built - The phone weighs 136gms which is quite a contrast from my existing 180gms Zenfone 2 Deluxe. The 5.2" display is simply perfect to use with one hand, the way phones were meant to be.

2. Nexus Imprint - The fingerprint sensor is finally here! I remember that they were going to get it in the Nexus 6 too, but because of whatever reason, rolled that phone out without one. The fingerprint sensor works fabulously, unlocking the phone in a jiffy, and is smartly placed at the back of the phone. In the beginning, I kept randomly unlocking the phone just for the fun of it. And I kept teasing my husband, that my phone costs half than your iPhone 6S, and has the same feature. :P

3. Marshmallow - Yeah, I do love the candy, but the  LG Nexus 5X runs on pure Marshmallow Android 6.0, which is intuitive in nature and learns your habits as you keep using the phone.

4. Battery - The battery, on moderate wifi and data usage, lasts all day long. And if required, turning on the battery saver mode will make your phone run a couple of hours more after it's already gone down to less than 14%. I actually was travelling alone at midnight, once with the battery low, and thank God this worked for me, I would have travelled in tension. The phone also charges pretty quickly, less than half an hour, and you're sorted.

5. Overall Performance - The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 processor, 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64-bit makes the phone a beast when it comes to performance or speed, none of the apps I tried lagged or hung ever, and every day was smooth as butter! Internet works fast, both on wifi and 4G too, I was such a happy person.

What I didn't-

1. The type-C charger is still very new, rolled out only 2-3 phones yet, so till it doesn't become common, it'll be a trouble to get chargers, cables, power-banks easily. I had to carry my own charger everywhere I went. But that will change with time, I'm sure. One has to evolve with time, and evolution was never easy.

2. The back of the phone is a smooth non-plastic finish, but it catches fingerprints everywhere, specially if your hands are a little oily. And removing that is a task.

3. I really wish they rolled this phone out with an expandable micro-sd memory slot and double tap to lock feature (unlocking is great with the Nexus Imprint, but to lock you have to use the power button). These two things would make a big difference for me!

Overall, it's priced around 32K, which is a nice change from the 45K MRP Nexus 6. And from my personal experience, I absolutely loved my Nexus 4, which also was manufactured by LG and now am in love with the 5X, so I guess Google & LG should definitely work together!

Thank you Blogadda & LG, for the amazing experience, looking forward to many more!


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