Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let's put a smile on that face!

Forget the love between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or brother and sister. If there is one pure, unconditional love, it is that of a foodie and food! And if you have a family party, special occasion or guests coming over; the only way you can guarantee the event to be successful is by having awesome food!

I am a working mother, which means I am practically juggling between two full-time jobs. Hence, the  mere thought of making a meal from scratch is enough to give me sleepless nights. Here is where, McCain Snacks come to my rescue.

For starters, I would serve McCain cheese and jalapeno nuggets with a sour-cream dip and green coriander chutney. The elders might not be a fan of these new age cream dips, so green chutney is a must, and they go well with nuggets. For the kid's and teenager's (who have forgotten to smile nowadays) there has to be the McCain Happy Potatoes! Those I will serve with some ketchup and mustard sauce. There will be lemonades and cola's being served along with these!

For main course, we'll have burgers! I love burgers, and everyone else does. Some McCain Veggie Burger patties, lettuce or ice-bergs, slices of tomatoes or onions, mayonnaise and a slice of cheese. This is all I need to make awesome burgers, which will be served along with salad and fries. Fries, will again be McCain French Fries, of-course.

After this overloaded food fiesta will have everyone full, so for dessert we'll keep something light like a custard or some ice-cream! Oh man, I'm feeling so hungry and drooling just at the thought of all the awesome McCain products, that will help me prepare dinner in a jiffy and everyone will absolutely love it, and there will be a guaranteed smile on every face!