Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Instant Party Glow with VLCC!!

Last Sunday was my little one's first birthday party! And I have been planning for it since a couple of months now. Right from venue, menu, decor, games, theme, cake, return gifts etc; then how could I leave out how I myself look that day? And with a kid in the house, any new mom knows how there is no time to go to the parlour at all (except for the basics like waxing and threading). So, I totally relied on the VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit!

I had last used their silver facial pack, and thought this will be something similar. But one difference was that this Party Glow kit doesn't ask you to apply steam on your face or apply cold compression later. So you really do not need any equipment for this, meaning you can use this facial even if you're out of home for some destination wedding or other function.

The steps are similar - toner, cum cleanser, scrub, gel, cream, face pack and then oil-free moisturiser.  In all it takes around an hour and a half. It again contains natural ingredients like Papaya seed, Saffron, Turmeric, Sandalwood etc; which make me feel safe and sure that I won't have any reaction to my face.

Here is my post-facial face! All ready and set as the host for the day! :D

Verdict: Priced at Rs.250 it is a great deal, as compared to the Rs.1500-2500 you would spend at a parlour. But do not expect some magical transformation, it will not change your appearance, it will lighten your skin tone a little, remove the dirt and layers of oil etc, and make you look fresh and clean. After all, it's not a magic wand. :)