Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Instant Party Glow with VLCC!!

Last Sunday was my little one's first birthday party! And I have been planning for it since a couple of months now. Right from venue, menu, decor, games, theme, cake, return gifts etc; then how could I leave out how I myself look that day? And with a kid in the house, any new mom knows how there is no time to go to the parlour at all (except for the basics like waxing and threading). So, I totally relied on the VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit!

I had last used their silver facial pack, and thought this will be something similar. But one difference was that this Party Glow kit doesn't ask you to apply steam on your face or apply cold compression later. So you really do not need any equipment for this, meaning you can use this facial even if you're out of home for some destination wedding or other function.

The steps are similar - toner, cum cleanser, scrub, gel, cream, face pack and then oil-free moisturiser.  In all it takes around an hour and a half. It again contains natural ingredients like Papaya seed, Saffron, Turmeric, Sandalwood etc; which make me feel safe and sure that I won't have any reaction to my face.

Here is my post-facial face! All ready and set as the host for the day! :D

Verdict: Priced at Rs.250 it is a great deal, as compared to the Rs.1500-2500 you would spend at a parlour. But do not expect some magical transformation, it will not change your appearance, it will lighten your skin tone a little, remove the dirt and layers of oil etc, and make you look fresh and clean. After all, it's not a magic wand. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

What India Reads by Flipkart

Flipkart has come out with a new page on their app called, “What India Reads”
“What India Reads” is all about what you read or would like to read. The app is designed basis genres for now and will soon feature what celebrities and authors read as well.
The idea of the app is to make readers aware of what books are right at the top and also to help them discover books they might have not known of earlier.

To me it feels like a Goodreads incorporated right in your Flipkart app. If only Flipkart starts delivering food and groceries too, it'll become an all-encompassing holistic App for me!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Peekaboo time!

I was looking at decor options for my kiddo's room, and came across this site called Peekaboo Patterns which specializes in the same. They have furnishing, accessories, etc for babies, toddlers and older kids too.
I loved the range of cushions, chairs and tables, towels, rugs, bed sheets etc they have on their store. 

Though the variety is not a lot, there are limited options to choose from, most of them look delightful. And it's all manufactured keeping kids in mind, with vibrant colors and cute characters.

I have mentally wishlisted a lot of stuff on their site, but to test the quality I went ahead and bought a long cushion cover plus filler. I really loved the plain ones with applique.

The shipping was pretty quick, I received the order on the day after I placed it. And though I had ordered the filler and cover separately, they put the cover on and sent it. Small gestures go a long way!

The quality and material of the cushion cover is very good, and I guess washing it shouldn't be a problem either. Here is a pic of my li'l one sleeping beside his new sleep-buddy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bangalore Calling!

It’s been almost six months since I last travelled and took a vacation; even the last one was a mini-vacation to Goa. So, obviously I’m pretty excited about my travel plans to Bangalore next month for my cousin’s wedding. I have extended the stay by three more days since it is going to be a weekend, and yes, it’s our third wedding anniversary. So of course, I’m mighty excited.

I booked return flight tickets for Bangalore well in advance so as to grab a good deal. My plans as to what to do there over the weekend are still not entirely outlined. Therefore, I started searching for Resorts in Bangalore.

Now I know that Bangalore has become quite the party destination and has great lounges and all that. However, I think I am looking for a relaxing weekend after the crazy hectic days here in Mumbai. Also, after the first two days attending the wedding functions, we would be exhausted. So, I put in my check-in and check-out dates along with other requirements and hit the search button. There are some really nice resort options available, and what’s even more awesome is the fact that I am getting a crazy deal on Cleartrip wherein if I make bookings from the app, I get a 40% cashback plus extra 10% off, which is as good as 50% discount on the prices!

Places I totally want to visit over the weekend include The Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, UB City, Snow City, Cubbon Park, and V R Mall. I’d definitely try to plan something special for our anniversary, so if you know Bangalore well, please do give your suggestions.

I have already made it a point to look up how the weather in Bangalore in November is like; evidently, it is mostly sunny and warm with chances of rain. If I want a cooler climate, I will have to consider going to the nearby hill stations such as Coorg and Chikmagalur, but that means travelling 5–6 hours each way by road with my 1-year-old baby, which is something I want to avoid. Instead, relaxing in a nice resort in Bangalore itself sounds more tempting. After all, my main agenda is to relax and unwind, eat, drink, make merry, celebrate life, and maybe take a spa or swim every day. Of course, the most important being spending quality time with the husband and baby, which does not happen in the daily grind here in Mumbai. Totally looking forward to it.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I have been a Google Nexus girl since the past 3 years. My first experience with Nexus was when I bought the Nexus 4, the beautiful front and back glass body phone; if you may recall. After using that for 2 years, instead of upgrading to the Nexus 5, I jumped to the Nexus 6 when it launched. Though it's one beast of a phone, unfortunately it's size was an issue, I could really not use it with one hand. And when they announced the Nexus 5X recently, it was LOVE REDEFINED.

Image Source: Google.com
Here's how I would use it's incredible new features:

1)  Nexus Imprint

Image Source: Google.com

Google finally got it's game on with it's own fingerprint scanner, which they had to drop during the Nexus 6 because of a few issues. Now I would make my Nexus 5X totally secure and away from snooping friends, family or colleagues (you never know who tries to unlock your phone and read your messages!). So even if they try to unlock my phone using my finger when I'm asleep, they won't succeed, because I will use my toe-print as the unlock code! Now who will think of that!

Something like this:

2)  USB Type-C™

Image Source: Google.Com

The USB Type-C charger is reversible, which means no more guessing which way is up. Now obviously most of the Samsung, Motorola and so other Android users would probably not be aware of this super-cool new feature I'd have on my phone. What I would do is place a bet with my friends/colleagues that whoever get's the charger cable connected to their respective phones while being blindfolded, in one go, wins! Try it yourself, with the standard micro-USB cable, we get it wrong with our eyes open. With the eyes closed, they would most probably loose the bet, and I obviously would not have to worry about the side and simply plug the cable in and win! Tadaaa!

3) Pure Android Marshmallow

My phone will always be the first one to receive the latest android update! That's the benefit of being a Nexus user. So each time an update comes, and I have installed it on my phone, I will be able to go and tease my gadget lover friends and flaunt it; while they will still have to wait for weeks or even months before they get the same update on their phones! Tee-hee..

Plus not to forget all the awesome features of the Android Marshmallow 6.0 Google Now on tap and accessible from any app! Google is always making our lives easier, year after year.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pamper's Premium Pants - Product Review

If you've read my earlier blog that talks of my experience at the launch of the Pamper's Premium Pant style diapers, here is a detailed review on the product itself.

They claim that it's so soft, the baby won't even notice or feel they're wearing a diaper. Well, now I wish my baby could understand and speak, but he's just 11 months old yet and the only way I can decipher that is by seeing him happy and with no rashes. :)

About the product:

Give the best care to baby's bum with Pampers premium care pants - large economy pack. The 5 star skin protection enabled pants are so light that your baby won't even feel wearing one - leaving them happy. They are soft all around to protect sensitive baby's skin and are easy to change with the side-on easily tearable feature. The baby lotion inside the pants ensures the skin stays protected from irritations while the wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue lets parents know about diaper change. Made of breathable materials, the premium care pants stretch easy for comfy fit and facilitate easy leg movement through leg cusp. They absorb liquids thoroughly through the extra dry layer and ensure dryness upto 12 hours with the micro crystals present inside.

All-Around Softness
Up to 12 hours of Dryness
Baby Lotion
Breathable Materials
All Around Fit

What I like:
It really is the softest one available yet, with second in competition Pamper's Active Baby Diapers, which I had been using for my baby before this.
It lasts all night, and my baby sleeps soundly.
Earlier when I had used the normal Pamper's Pants, the fit was not proper and it used to leak. They've taken care of the fit now, and my baby is in such a stage that S, M or L all are fitting him.

What I don't:
The price, of-course being premium pants says that it'll be expensive. But spending Rs.20 per diaper whereas earlier the Active Baby, if there was a nice online deal I would get at Rs.10 per diaper. So with that difference, I prefer the active baby diaper.
Verdict: If the price is not an issue, go for it!

This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let's put a smile on that face!

Forget the love between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or brother and sister. If there is one pure, unconditional love, it is that of a foodie and food! And if you have a family party, special occasion or guests coming over; the only way you can guarantee the event to be successful is by having awesome food!

I am a working mother, which means I am practically juggling between two full-time jobs. Hence, the  mere thought of making a meal from scratch is enough to give me sleepless nights. Here is where, McCain Snacks come to my rescue.

For starters, I would serve McCain cheese and jalapeno nuggets with a sour-cream dip and green coriander chutney. The elders might not be a fan of these new age cream dips, so green chutney is a must, and they go well with nuggets. For the kid's and teenager's (who have forgotten to smile nowadays) there has to be the McCain Happy Potatoes! Those I will serve with some ketchup and mustard sauce. There will be lemonades and cola's being served along with these!

For main course, we'll have burgers! I love burgers, and everyone else does. Some McCain Veggie Burger patties, lettuce or ice-bergs, slices of tomatoes or onions, mayonnaise and a slice of cheese. This is all I need to make awesome burgers, which will be served along with salad and fries. Fries, will again be McCain French Fries, of-course.

After this overloaded food fiesta will have everyone full, so for dessert we'll keep something light like a custard or some ice-cream! Oh man, I'm feeling so hungry and drooling just at the thought of all the awesome McCain products, that will help me prepare dinner in a jiffy and everyone will absolutely love it, and there will be a guaranteed smile on every face!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cheers to #Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest (German pronunciation: [ɔkˈtoːbɐˌfɛst]) is the world's largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair). Held annually in MunichBavariaGermany, it is a 16-day folk festival running from mid or late September to the first weekend in October, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year. 

The festival has been picked up by every other country, including India to celebrate beer. Hence, we have  Oktoberfest during the same period where there are great deals on beer, different kinds of beer and beer cocktails available. I had the pleasure of attending the Oktoberfest at Long N Short, Intercontinental, Marine Drive; where I had earlier been for the Hawaiian Food Festival.

The menu was short and select with a range of appetisers, beers and beer cocktails. If you're a hardcore non-vegetarian, there was a lot of option in pork. But I do not eat pork, beef or sea-food. So was restricted to veg, egg or chicken. We started off with two beer cocktails - Black Velvet (Dark beer and sprakling wine) and Beernees (Beer, Gin, Lemon and Honey Syrup). The first was a strong smooth drink and the latter made a great sweet cocktail, something that beer usually isn't. Beernees happens to be one of their bestsellers.

That's us enjoying ourselves after a hectic day at work! That's how you take care of the end-of-day syndrome, if you ask me.

For appetizers we went with Chef Vinay's recommendations - 

Tart Flamande with veggies and cream cheese were bite sized delights, perfect company to the beer cocktails. 

Next up were the German sausages puff! Crispy and buttery. Also servings of the Kartoffelpuffer - German potato pancakes with spiced mayonnaise dip and Zucchini Frikadellen - Zucchini pan fried cake. Trust me, it's just the names that sound complicated. Both the pan cakes were pure delight! For me personally they were the best of whatever I had. Sorry I couldnt take a better picture, I was in a hurry to try them! He He..

It was time for another round of beers and we wanted to see the range they had, which I must say, is quite extensive! There was something from every continent. We tried Japanese beer for the first time - It's called Asahi. Strong, but good beer.

We ended the evening with The Green Burger - Spinach Brioche Bun, Creamed Corn, Scallion and Fried Onion Rings. Trust me, this should not be called as an appetiser. The size and quantity was massive. We were served fries instead of onion rings, and I was happy with that, coz I was craving some fries. Fries and Beer is my fav combination.

They even had some nice music playing in the background, which was missing the last time I was there. And they have started serving sheeshah in the verandah! I definitely want to go again for the sheeshah once the climate is a little bearable. Overall, it was a nice evening. The staff is extremely courteous always and the hotel is at such a perfect place, right by the sea! Though the Oktoberfest is over, today being the last day, do follow @LnSMumbai on twitter and instagram to stay tuned about their upcoming events and festivals, they keep having plenty.