Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simple Plane Love by Priyanka Luthra - Book Review

Honestly, I do not read a lot of romance novels written by Indian authors. Usually it's because after  Nicholas Sparks, they do not do justice to the genre.

But once in a while, I lay my hands on a book and read it in my leisure time. I'm glad I read 'Simple Plane Love' by Priyanka Luthra, which by the way, is like reading a Bollywood Movie. They should make a movie out of it. It's a quick read, two love stories, the main character being a female pilot.

I love all the characters, Meera - the confused about love and friendship but fabulous pilot. Dee - the fashionista who ends up with her own 'Happily ever after', Aditya - The best friend/boyfriend ever! The story reminds me of the dialogue from KKHH, "Pyaar dosti hai"...

I also love how Manila and the surrounding areas are described, making me want to go to that place once in my life. And the royal wedding Dee had makes me wish I was there to witness it too!

Overall, it's a nice read and I can already imagine the actors that could play the parts. Deepika Padukone would be Meera, to start with. Do read it, available on amazon, flipkart etc.