Sunday, August 9, 2015

My quick fix pasta recipe!

I love Italian food. And I'm not just saying that because I'm writing a Pasta recipe. But I can live on pizzas and pastas and pasta salads all my life.

So when I came across the Indiblogger's Del Monte, Blog your way to Italy competition, frankly, I was thrilled mostly to receive a packet of Pasta to make!

I soon received a packet of Farfalle pasta at home, yay! Honestly, this is the first time I was using Farfalle pasta; usually it's Penne or Spaghetti. I really appreciate the resealable feature of the packaging, use how much ever you want and then pull the seal down and stick!

I wanted to make something quick and easy, using ingredients that would be easily available at home.

Ingredients -

Del Monte Farfalle Pasta (4 cups, boiled)
Del Monte Olive Oil (2 table spoons)
Capsicum (1 Big)
Babycorn (1/2 packet or 8-10 babycorns) (This can be replaced with boiled sweet corn)
Maida (2 table spoons)
Milk (1 cup)
Cheese (2 cubes)
Salt (to taste)
Herbs and Seasoning (to taste)

Method -

1. Keep the pasta to boil. (Read the instructions on the packet).

This is how the pasta looks when boiled completely. My experience was that the Farfalle pasta takes a little more time then a Penne, so boil it properly while continuously stirring or your pasta will remain hard and feel uncooked. (Time: 15-20 minutes)

Don't these look absolutely pretty? Like bows.

2. Saute' your veggies using olive oil. Don't overcook them though. You are free to use whatever veggies you want to add- mushrooms, yellow or red bell-peppers, onions etc. (Time: 2-3 Minutes)

3. The next step is to make white sauce. Take some butter in a frying pan, let it melt and equal amount of maida to it. Mix it to form a paste and let it cook for a few seconds. Slowly, consistently add cold milk to this and keep stirring. The milk will start thickening and you can add more milk if you feel the sauce is too thick. Add grated cheese and let it melt completely. Remove from flame and add oregano, and salt if required. (Time: 5-10 Minutes)

4. Add the boiled pasta (after draining the water) and veggies to the sauce. While serving, you can add chilli flakes and more oregano (We Indians like everything masaaledaar after all)

And that's it! Enjoy your quick fix Farfalle Pasta! Do try this simple recipe out guys. It may look and feel too simple and plain, but tastes fab! And if you have any questions, please do post them as comments!


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