Friday, August 7, 2015

It's nice to #SayThanks!

"It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Bhatia is a senior citizen who believes in living a healthy lifestyle and being fit and happy. He got featured in HT for being a motivation to others in his neighborhood. But that's not all,  HT organized a ride of a lifetime for him in a limousine. Let me not tell you the details, rather take a look yourself-

Not only this made me motivated to be fit and healthy, it also encouraged me to do something for the society, all of us are so busy in our work and personal lives. Mr. Bhatia truly deserves this thank you gesture. Maybe someday I will achieve something too.

HT always finds a unique way to #SayThanks to its readers. Just recently they had done something special for another reader, Shrishti.

I had once written a post on how stressful education has become today, how much pressure is there on students in this competitive world to get good grades, get admission in a good college and eventually build a good career for themselves.

My younger brother himself just gave his 12th hsc exams after a year of nervous havoc and finally got a decent percentage. But we forget to acknowledge their hard work and dedication and start putting pressure on what next?

One such student who gave her 12th boards and came out with flying colours by being a topper is shrishti. She was not satisfied with this, and wanted to make her parents even prouder, hence sent HT a message asking them to feature her in the newspaper. I haven't ever heard anyone do that ever.

And unlike any normal newspaper, HT went way out of their way to organize a surprise for her. They not only created a personalized first page in the newspaper for her, they also arranged a grand helicopter ride for her to fly high above the city! Now I definitely haven't heard of this ever, either!

HT has beautifully documented the complete experience in this video, take a look:

I'm very sure she has given her parents and herself a memory of a lifetime. I'm sure she will be framing that HT front page! I wish I could have had such a surprise, maybe next time I achieve something that big I'll also send them a message.

HT is always innovating and thinking of new ways to #SayThanks to their loyal readers. And I'm very proud of them to do this for her. Not only it gives all students motivation to work hard in life and achieve something like this, it also makes readers feel worthy of such a treatment and feel valuable. Being down to earth and not being arrogant even after years of success is something I really respect, be it a person or a brand.

Congratulations Shrishti, looking forward to see you achieve a lot more in life, and never feel that your parents are not proud of you, they're always going to have their chin up. And hats off to you, Hindustan Times!


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