Thursday, July 16, 2015

Learning Dining Ettiquette with Greeshma Thampi & Femina Believe

Last month, I got an invitation to attend a Dining Etiquette workshop at Hakkasan, Bandra organized by Femina Believe.

Reached the venue, where there was a entire team working hard to make this event a huge success (which it was). We were given a tote bag with a notebook, pen and file - the file had all the info on what this workshop would teach us.

While we waited for everyone to arrive and settle down, we started with some Sangria! 

Our trainer for the day was Greeshma Thampi - Image consultant and corporate trainer. She was an excellent trainer indeed, walking us through the basic and advance dining set-up, how to use spoons, forks and also chopsticks. Telling us the Do's and Dont's and clearing all our doubts humbly. 

Did you know that the correct way to hold a fork is with the index finger supporting the curve and holding it down. And you're supposed to eat with it in that position itself. And fork is always in your left hand and spoon/knife in the right.

Believe it or not, Greeshma taught us how to use the chopstick in 5 minutes flat. And I ate my dumplings using the chopsticks itself! Felt so elated, #AchievementUnlocked after all! If you're reading this let me tell you - The key is in holding one of the chopsticks with your thumb's edge so that it does not move at all. All the movement has to be done by the other chopstick which you hold like a pen.

 A special mention to the restaurant that hosted the workshop - Hakkasan. There is only one of them in Mumbai, and their food was simply amazing. Hitting the right places. Even though I am a vegetarian, I enjoyed everything. The dumplings (Crystal dumpling, Black Fungus dumpling, Pak Choi Dumplin), The carrot cake, noodles, fried rice, Stir Fry Lotus Roots, Mix vegetables in Asam Sauce and the dessert.

Thank you Femina Believe, for believing in Women and doing all that you do for our empowerment. Looking forward to being a part of other workshops - which by the way, they keep having. They sent us off with an umbrella each, making us monsoon ready!

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