Wednesday, July 22, 2015


A couple of weeks back I registered myself for Garnier India's #7DayGarnierChallenge. Upon registering, they ship across a sample of the face wash and cream.

The sample is a decent size that should last a month or maybe two. A little about the product

White Complete Fairness Face Wash

How to get one tone fairer in one wash?
Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull & dark.

Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash is an effective daily face wash that helps you discover clear, radiant, and even complexion.
You get one tone fairer in one wash!

White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream

Get 3 tones fairer skin, in just 7 days!
Enriched with natural ingredients, this formula provides instant whitening and long lasting fairness. Your skin looks even, feels fresh and moisturized with a natural glow.

Multi Action fairness cream for glowing skin :
1.Instant Whitening – provides instant whitening
2.Sun Protection with SPF 19 PA+++ – Protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA and UVB sun rays
3.Long Lasting Fairness – Fairer skin over time with regular usage

Dermatologically tested – suitable for all skin types.


Here is my take on the range after using them twice a day for 7 days regularly - 

The face wash has a creamy luxurious feel to it, and lathers well. It is pleasantly different from the face washes that make your face feel dry after using it. It is really applicable for all skin types, since I have a combination skin and I did not have any extra oiliness or breakouts after using this product. They're very clear about not using these products near the eyes, must be a good reason for that. My only hesitation here would be that since this range will make my skin tone fairer, wont my under-eyes look darker because I don't use the products there? I guess I have to use the under-eye roll-on they have for the same.

The multi-action cream is to be applied right after washing and pat-drying your face. It is very light in texture, does not feel heavy at all and absorbs in the skin pretty fast. Again, it is not to be used around the eyes.

Believe it or not, there was a very visible difference in my complexion in just 7 days. I'm not sure about 3 tones, but my skin was definitely 1-2 tones lighter, and even dark spots thanks to past acne issues and break-outs got lighter! This really is a wonder product. 

I am definitely going to continue using this product! They do have more products in the range - a night cream, eye roll on, 3 in 1 fairness facial and a face scrub. Might buy the roll-on soon, because under eye region is getting darker thanks to lack of sleep, the side effects of being a mom to an infant. 

You can take the challenge too! Simply register here and wait for your samples.

Also, don't forget to follow Garnier India on Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates!

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