Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Satiating Sunday at Pot Pourri, Vashi

I'm a foodie and Sundays call for some good food for the soul. We decided to go back to Pot Pourri since the last time I went there, it was for the buffet and I really wanted to try out their À la carte menu offerings. You can find their address and contact details on AskMe.Com.

Pot Pourri at Inorbit Mall, Vashi offers world cuisine - Mexican, Italian, Asian, American everything. We ordered the Jalapeno poppers and Nachos for starters.

The Jalapeno Poppers are the best thing I have ever had! No kidding. The melting cheese and flavour of Jalapeno is such a great combination, and pleasant change from the corn-cheese balls. I could have ordered 2 more rounds of this had I not been watching my calories. 

The nachos were pretty good too,  but the sauce was more creamy than cheesy, I would have liked it more if it was melted cheese. But the quantity is massive, we were half full by the time it got over.

For drinks we ordered a Lemon-Honey-Green Tea Iced and a Cranberry based Cooler. The cooler was mind-blowingly refreshing. The Iced Tea was good too. Interestingly, they serve it in hot water with ice on the top. It comes with the tea bag inserted, waiting to be infused into the water. This makes so much sense, since the tea will infuse better in hot water, but since it's iced tea, it needs to cool rapidly, hence all the ice. Quite impressive, have not seen this elsewhere.

For main-course we ordered the classic Margherita Pizza. It was simply put, a classic. Right amount of basil, cheese and really juicy slices of tomato - all this put together will make any authentic Italian lover extremely happy! I really wanted to try their 'Indian Pizza' that had paneer and spices, but was too full. Maybe next time!

The only sad part was that there were no desserts at all! Apparently it had all got over in the day. That totally sucked, and our dinner was over on a slightly incomplete note. But otherwise, it was totally worth it. Service was not extra-ordinary, but on a Sunday evening at peak time, it is a very common story.

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