Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tropicana Slice Alphonso - King of Mango drinks!

The season of mangoes is officially here. But it's the season of mangoes 365 days for me! Why? Because of the all new Tropicana Slice!

Yes, recently Slice & Tropicana had a merger and presented the all new Tropicana Slice Alphonso!

Take a look at the official TVC-

The video (not because of Katrina) but because of the mangoes gets me really thirsty! And aerated drinks have never quenched my thirst, so when I am on the go, getting tortured in this horrid weather, Slice has always been there to help me beat the heat!

I was absolutely delighted when I saw what arrived in my mail this other day :

Not one, not two but six pet bottles of my favourite mango drink! (Yeah you must be thinking there are only five in this pic, but you see, I drank one the minute I laid hands on it!)

Some facts about the product -
Tropicana's fruit expertise and Slice's mango perfection come together to handpick the best, juiciest Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes, exclusively for you - in a delightful mango drink.

The sunkissed orchards of Ratnagiri region on the Konkan coast are known to be the best source for premium Alphonso mangoes

It is best had chilled out of the fridge, when at room temperature I did not enjoy it personally. I love the smooth, rich, thick taste it has! Imagine a thinner, little more liquid version of Aamras. YES that!

I even played around with the drink, since I had so many bottles. Try this -

1. Add Tropicana Slice, Vanilla Icecream and some Icecream soda in a glass. Decorate with few mango pieces and Tadaa! Your own Slice float!

2. Add some crushed ice, mint leaves and lime juice to a glass of Tropicana slice to make your very own Mango Mojito! :P

I know, in the season of mangoes you'd rather want to eat the actual mangoes. But you can't really carry that around can you? And what about those broke days when you can't afford Rs.600 a dozen royalty. :P

Jokes apart, I am quite thrilled that the Tropicana Slice is now available to order online from Amazon! Woot woot! No more venturing out in this heat to grab a bottle. Next time a relative gets you mangoes from Ratnagiri, gift them Tropicana Slice bottles in return. Haha!