Saturday, May 23, 2015

'"The Case Files of P.I. Pojo - The Killing of Mr Heathcote" by Meghna Singhee - Book Review

I got my hands on this book a week ago. After I read the blurb of the book, I was really interested. Have always loved mystery and thrill when it comes to Fiction. In-fact, I later saw the 10+ marked on the book which basically means this book is more for teenagers than 25 year olds like me. But while reading, it totally did not come across as a child's book and I enjoyed reading page after page. Older one's like me can consider it as a casual easy read for a lazy weekend or vacation!

A little about the book and author:

P.I. Pojo : The Killing of Mr Heathcote
Something smells fishy here and I don't mean Mr H's uneaten dinner. Meet Pojo Pande, aspiring private eye prowling the corridors of Heathcote International with a ready ear for eavesdropping and a nose for intrigue. And he's got two sidekicks-Radha Rao, a senior and the latest in a long line of Raos to skirt the school rules and Pops, a pesky junior who insists on being Pojo's protege. Together, they face the toughest case of their career yet-the killing of Mr Heathcote, the beloved school cat. Join Pojo on his adventures in this hugely funny, unputdownable book as he gets to the bottom of the killing of Mr Heathcote!.

About the Author
The author of this work would love to set up an NGO to err. Save The Words. To donate, you need to adopt a word and promise to cherish it. The NGO will be called Grunt. Other than this the author would like to state that she has no favourite colour and thinks formal education is a dinosaur. This is enough information for a debut book. For more, wait for the sequel.

My review:

The story is very Indian, based in a school at Panchgani. If you've had your schooling in a hostel or boarding school yourself, you may even relate to the book and enjoy it on a completely different level. The characters are very well planned and nowhere in the book I felt lost or confused. I love the character of Pratap aka Pojo Pande and his detective mind at such a delicate age!

There is suspense, humor, innocence all in this book. Of-course I am not going to make this review a spoiler and reveal who the culprit was, that is for you to read!

You can buy the book on flipkart here currently at an discounted price. If  I know you personally, totally borrow the copy to read! You're going to enjoy it, trust me.

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