Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#StartANewLife with Housing

Change is the only constant. That is something I have learned with time. I got married at the age of 23 because my parents started pestering me to meet guys they liked even though I had already committed myself to someone else. I am an ambitious career oriented woman, and workaholic you can say.

And then I had my baby. But a few months on leave and I'm all set to resume work, for his better future if nothing else.

But life is not all ice-cream and cake. My husband is tired of assisting his dad in the family business. He wants to follow his own dreams & aspirations. He wants to produce music, have his own studio. In-fact he's been wanting to do this since years, but every time he feels not so confident and postpones due to something or the other.

His dad gave him an ultimatum, that if you want to be with me, you have to go by my rules. With both of us determined to make a better future for ourselves & our child, it was finally time to take a bold decision.

Moving out of a house or shifting is not easy. The long procedure of hunting for houses, talking to agents, looking at nearby amenities & facilities, brokerage, deposit, and the list goes on. And what if the decision is wrong? Or we were not shown the best places by a greedy broker? 

Enter housing dot com. My one stop destination to look for the best rented apartments in the locality of my choice. They now have a swanky new look and user interface, full of positive energy and optimism. Also a mobile app, so that you can hunt for property listing or list your own property for sale/rent.

Select city or locality, filter according to budget, number of rooms, lease restrictions, furnishing, amenities, etc. You can also choose to look at properties listed by owners if you do not want to contact an agent. You can also choose to get alerts based on your requirements.

We're currently in the process of looking at the apartments, and then if it fits our budget and other requirements we will shift! I can hardly wait to be free. To get up in the morning, make pancakes, omelettes, toast and coffee for everyone. Send husband off with his tiffin, and then get baby ready. Then I can do my work from home. Followed by going to the garden in the evening and then get dinner ready. We might have more responsibilities, we might have to work harder, but we will definitely be happier and finally be able to create our own brighter future.

Take a look at their awesome new video too:

Have you taken a bold step towards a better life too? Do post your comments on how you will #StartANewLife and #LookUp towards a brighter future.