Saturday, March 14, 2015

One of my most memorable days #together with my close ones.

When I think of the most memorable day from my recent past, I go back almost one year ago, 18th March 2014. It was the day I got to know I was pregnant.

I had recently started working at a new place since that very month itself, and was looking forward to the career change. I had no morning sickness or any other obvious symptom, and I was on oral contraceptive pills so had definitely not thought of the possibility. I wanted to wait for another couple of years before starting a family, once we had our own house, stable jobs and the sort.

When I missed my second period, I was worried that I might have some health issue. What came in my mind was Thyroid or Diabetes, since I so obviously ruled out chances of a pregnancy. After all, I had a phone reminder set to take the pills timely. But before I went to the doctor, I had to be sure, and I got a home pregnancy test.

The morning of 18th March 2014, I got up for work and the first thing I did was take the test. It was positive. I was in a state of shock. I woke my husband up, who in a sleepy state said that two lines means its negative, do not worry. I woke him up and showed him the instruction booklet, clearly stating that two lines meant positive. Now he was in shock too and his reaction made me cry. But he recovered in a jiffy and held me tightly and told me to calm down. He assured me that everything would be fine, he was there with me and I had no reason to worry.

I quickly called my mom to take an appointment with our family gynecologist. My mom obviously understood the situation without me uttering a single word. She sounded very positive and calm on the phone, even though she was one of the few people who advised me not to be in any hurry to start a family.

I obviously was bunking work, sent a quick sick leave email to the boss. My husband also took a day off from work that day, as he knew I would not even be able to travel to my mom's place alone in this condition. Thank God for him!

We went to the doctor, where she did the test again, followed by a ultrasound and confirmed the pregnancy. What was all the more shocking was that I was already 2 months pregnant without realizing it. She sensed my reaction and offered a choice to abort if I wanted. Told me I had maximum two weeks to decide.

But that was absolutely not going to happen. I mean, at 2 months my baby already had developed vital features, including a heart! But I was very very scared. How would I manage, it is a big responsibility, what if I was not going to be a good mom? My life was about to change. But my family's support was more than enough for me to know that it would all be alright.

My mom, dad, brother, husband, in-laws every one were happy, excited and so supportive. My cousin's also got a cake for us to cut and celebrate the good news! Later my husband sneaked me out to take a walk alone, and reassured me that he was very happy and eager to share this wonderful journey of 9 months with me. That this was a gift my God himself, and we're blessed, unlike a few people who would give a hand or leg to get a child.

I finally calmed down, and believed myself, that he or she, my miracle child is on it's way.

Today, my boy is 5 months old and I am truly blessed to have him in my life. I definitely wouldn't have been able to go through it without the support of my family and friends.

Disclaimer: This post is a part of Housing's #Together campaign.

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