Monday, February 16, 2015

The MOS-QUIT-O Blanket

I always wonder what is the purpose of the existence of those blood sucking parasites. Yes, I am talking about mosquitoes. Had they sucked fat instead of blood I would never complain. But with a 3 month old baby in the house, I am constantly worried about mosquito bites and the diseases they spread like Malaria & Dengue.

With a small baby, you cannot even use coils or sprays and the sort, because it may harm the baby more than it harms the mosquitoes. And you cannot even apply mosquito repellant creams till the kids are at-least 4-5 years old I think.

I always make it a point to close all windows at evening so that mosquitoes do not enter, but they somehow do. Every time they bite my poor baby and leave a "love bite" I get enraged and want revenge!

I was totally helpless till the day I came across MOS-QUIT-O. I first got to know about them from twitter. They were having a contest and someone tagged me. At first I wondered what on Earth were Mosquito Blankets. On reading further I was amazed, and simply could not believe that a blanket could keep mosquitoes away, and it was safe for babies and kids. And also safe for pregnant women (wish I knew of this product then!)

Priced at Rs. 999 for the kid size and Rs. 1999 for adult size, they can be purchased online from their own website. They come in 6 colours for adults and I think 2 colours in the kid size. I went ahead and got myself the adult size, because I thought since my baby is a co-sleeping one i.e. shares the bed with us, I should get a size that covers me and my baby both. You should buy the smaller size if your baby sleeps in a cot/crib or his/her own bed.

The blanket comes in a cylindrical plastic container, in which you can later fold it and carry when you're traveling. The best part about this product is protection from mosquitoes while on a vacation, when camping, at home or while traveling, basically everywhere! And we anyways usually carry a blanket, so instead of a regular one will carry this!

I also read on their website that if you wash it once every month, like any standard blanket, it's mosquito repellent effectiveness can last for 4 years. That's great. Though I personally feel with a infant/toddler I will end up washing the blanket more number of times and hence maybe it will last me 2-3 years, but that is good enough too.

I have used the blanket for over a week now and have not seen any mosquito bite marks on my baby yet, so I guess it really works! Woohoo! Also, the material is soft and does not have any odour at all. Though I would not let my baby lick it, to be safe. You can read more about the features and other details on their website. Thank you MOS-QUIT-O for this wonderful product! Now everyone can sleep like a baby! :D


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