Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quikr NXT - Why chatting is better than a phonecall!

11.30 pm. Phone rings. Unknown Number. Panic attack (is someone I know hurt/injured?) Me: "Hello?" Caller: "Yeah, this is regarding that bed you are selling on Quikr, I am interesting in buying please offer your best quote." Me: "Do you know what time it is? Please call tomorrow."

12:30 am Getting cozy in bed. Romantic mood. Phone rings. Gets up to check phone (Quikr buyer). Mood spoilt.

7:00 am Lazing in bed. Snoozing the alarm. Phone rings (Quikr caller) loudly and gives you a headache that will probably last all day.

I have been there, in such situations. Which is why, in a previous blog of mine for #ShopQuikr, I had mentioned that due to bad experiences I prefer communicating through emails. But you know, emails are not instant. You have to wait till the other person reads and replies to it. Not everyone checks their mails frequently after all.

Another problem with us females at-least is getting harassed. Believe it or not, I used to actually give my brother's or father's or husband's number on any listing.

Chatting is just soo much more convenient. We whatsapp/hangouts/messenger/bbm/snapchat using generation will definitely agree to that! Can do it during a meeting, or while watching TV, or talking to someone etc. Not intruding anyone, not disturbing or getting disturbed. If someone is busy, they will reply later.

As a blessing in not-so-much a disguise, Quikr has now launched the Quikr NXT app for Android, iOS and Windows all.

One can chat, send messages, negotiate and everything required without a single phonecall. No awkward moments when you can't understand the other person's dialect, no frustrating "Hello! Can you hear me??".

So basically, three reasons why I prefer chatting over phone calls:

1. Reply at my own convenience. (I can reply to a message while in the bathroom also, and I can choose to reply later if I am taking a power nap).
2. No mis-communication. (Due to network issues, or if one of us is travelling and there is too much disturbance or if cannot understand each other;s dialect/pronunciation).
3. Eradicate any kind of awkwardness. (There, I said it.)

And since most of us use wifi at home and work, we are also saving a lot of money by not having to make phonecalls! Brownie points for that eh?

I have already downloaded the Quikr NXT app on my smartphone and have suggested my folks to do the same.

Take a quick look at the Salient features of Quikr NXT:
1. Works across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and website, benefiting consumers across the board
2. Users can choose to make their listing ‘private’ by hiding their mobile number and using Quikr NXT chat feature to connect with buyers
3. Parallel chat sessions with multiple users
4. Offline consumers get a notification so that they can chat once they are back online
5. Chat histories get saved for future reference, users can restart the conversation from where they left off
6. Users can share additional images and details through the chat window
7. Users can delete or block unwanted conversations
Besides, In-app sms/email messaging along with in-app calling option makes it super easy for the buyers and sellers to connect to each other in real-time. We also provide social sharing options via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter which makes it very easy for the users to reach out to their friends and family.
Alert functionality - Tell us what you want and helps us find the best deals in a snap using our hyper local search results.

Disclaimer: This blog is a part of Indiblogger's #QuikrNXT campaign.

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