Monday, February 9, 2015

My craziest expression of love! #SoundOfLove

Crazy is the new sweet! No-one likes the sweet nothings anymore, when it comes to dating and love. When I think about the craziest thing I ever did for love, I go back to 2008. 

I was in first year of my degree college here in Mumbai and my guy was miles away from me at a Marine college in Chennai. Though long distance relationships are difficult, we were managing just fine and made it a point to meet each other a-tleast once a quarter/half year. It was always he who came down to Mumbai to meet me during his vacations or study leaves, he would go back to his hometown in Rajasthan later, if there was time left. 

It had been quite sometime since we'd met and I was missing him a lot, more than words can describe. But since he had his exams approaching, he couldn't take a leave and come down to meet me. Suddenly, I had an idea to surprise him! Why not I go to Chennai to meet him? 

My parents obviously would never allow me to go, so I made up a fake college trip. Booked a train ticket from Mumbai to Chennai (because I could not afford a flight in my meager pocket money). Everything was planned, I was so thrilled. Excited, nervous, scared, anxious all at the same time. I told my two BFFs about my plan (after all, someone had to know right?). One of them was supportive of my craziness but the other told me I was making a mistake. 

After weeks of planning and waiting and praying, finally the day came. I packed a small bag, took some cash and ticket printouts and my supportive friend came to drop me off. She told me when the train started to move, "are you sure you'll go alone?" The TC who heard this told her "madam why don't you also hop on the train is empty". Hahahaha. Finally I embarked the journey. Mumbai to Chennai journey was a 28 hour long one, and I would be alone. And I could not even tell him or talk to him on the phone since this was a surprise. The journey was okay, I mostly stayed on my seat watching movies or reading apart from getting up to go to the loo. I was scared of sleeping at night since I was alone. 

I had told his roommate about my plan and told him to get my boyfriend to Chennai railway station next afternoon. I finally reached, my heart was throbbing and there were butterflies in my stomach. Due to some reason they were late and I had to wait in the waiting room for an hour or so. 

Finally when he arrived you should have seen the look on his face. Utter shock, as if he'd just seen a ghost or something. He hugged me and was so happy, I can't describe. The weekend was spent well! I stayed at one of his female friend's rented apartment as he stayed on a hostel. We went to Mahabalipuram for a day, it's so scenic and beautiful! I also met his friends who were all so jealous because none of their girlfriends had done anything like this! We had the absolutely perfect weekend together and in no time, it was time go back. I had booked a train ticket to go back too, but he refused to make me go through 26 hours of solitude again. He booked me a flight ticket from his savings and made me cancel my train ticket. I reached back home safely without anyone suspecting. This, till date, is the craziest thing I did for #LOVE!

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