Thursday, January 29, 2015

Use Your & (And)

When I was in school, they said I could either be good at studies OR at extra curricular activities. I proved them wrong by being a bright student AND good at other activities like arts, crafts, singing, elocution and debates. By being the teacher's pet AND playing pranks too.

When I was in college, they said I could either pursue BA in psychology, which I was interested in OR I could pursue a degree in graphics and animation, which I was equally keen on learning. I showed them that it is possible to do both. I did my three year BA with a six paper n psychology in the final year AND a complete course in graphics and animation.

When I graduated, they said I could either get married or pursue a career. Why? Do men have to choose any one? Do married men don't work? Or men who work don't marry? I proved them wrong by being happily married, an obedient daughter in law AND pursuing my career in digital marketing.

They said I could either work for someone OR work independently. Wrong, I did work for an agency AND continued to write blogs, articles, content and the sort.

They said I could either be a good mother OR keep working and climbing on my ambitions. Today, I am a mother of an infant AND I am doing freelance work during my maternity leave post which I will resume work, mainly so that I can be a good mother and provide my child with the best of everything.

Who made these society rules may I ask? Why is a woman always seen in the role of a daughter, wife or mother? Why can't she be all this AND someone she wants to be? I am really grateful to my parents who let me fly like a free bird, follow my heart, make my own mistakes, learn from my own experiences.

My elders tell me how they wanted to do something but were forced to get married. How there was a time when Indian women were not ALLOWED to work, or to follow their heart or do what they want. I'm glad times are changing. I'm glad we get to USE OUR AND.

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