Friday, January 23, 2015

10 things no one probably told you about pregnancy and delivery!

Please Note: This is from my personal experience, and the situation obviously differs from person to person.

Whoever came up with the dialogue 'maine tumhe 9 mahine kokh mein rakha hai', probably had a bad prenatal time. For me, those 9 months went by in a flash. Maybe because I was unaware of my pregnancy for the first two months and working till the 8th month.

Here are things that no one told you:

1. You might be all set for a normal delivery but have an emergency c-section.

Yes, till the very last day all might look good. But if your baby is extra naughty and decides to poop in the womb, or plays around with the umbilical cord and ties it around his neck; you are in for an surgery ladies! (It was the former with me).

2. A month long bleeding marathon after the 9 blissful months.

9 months no menstruation is probably one of the best things about a pregnancy. No sanitary napkins, no tampons, no staining, no cramping. But what they forgot to tell you is that once you deliver, whether normal of c-section; you will bleed for about 4-6 weeks non-stop. Get ready for rashes. (I myself got to know of this from a friend when I was around 6-7 months pregnant, and it came as a shock). Some good news, after your baby is born, as long as you breastfeed, your periods will be postponed for at-least 6 months approx.

3. You might not be allowed to eat sweet/spicy or both!

Yes, usually pregnancy is that guilt-free time when you can gorge on whatever you crave for. But if someone in the family has diabetes, or you're gaining weight rapidly and excessively, or have thyroid issues, or suffer from massive acid reflux; your doctor will tell you to completely stop having sweets and/ or spicy food. For me, in the last 2-3 months, it was both. :(

4. Don't go by what they show in the movies/sitcoms.

It is not necessary that you vomit or have morning sickness to know that you're knocked up! I did not puke once throughout. It's a difference experience for each and every woman. See the movie "What to expect when you're expecting" to know what I mean, the only one true movie I came across.

5. NIGHT sickness.

Yeah, I got that in the last i.e. third trimester. I had massive acid reflux and nausea at nights when I went to sleep. Digene and cold milk were my best buddies. Apparently there is a myth that if your baby is hairy you'll have acidity. I'm not sure about others, but in my case it was pretty accurate; my baby turned out to be so!

6. You might not SHOW until the last trimester!

I was visibly and obviously pregnant only in the 8th month. Till the 7th month I just looked like a plump woman with a food/beer belly. As a result no one offered me seats anywhere unless I mentioned that I am carrying. Embarrassing! 

7. Stretch marks are hard to get rid of.

I used ample of lotions and body butters etc meant for the same, but the stretch marks are still very much there.

8. C-sections are hell!

Yes the removing baby out of you part is very easy, you don't feel anything since you're on anesthesia and morphine. But once the medicine starts wearing off, you can feel the pain. Be prepared for - 

a) IV drips - You will be on those for the first two days.
b) Blood clots - Due to the IV, I had nasty bruises and blood clots on my forearms, wrists.
c) Catheter - They will insert this prior to the surgery and remove only once you're able to walk to the loo.
d) You can't eat till you pass gas. And no, that does not include burping. If you are unable to pass gas, it will keep roaming around inside you which is painful as hell. They might even insert a pipe inside you to aid the passing of the gas.
e) You won't be allowed to get discharge till you've passed motion. Yes.
f) If your newborn is detected with jaundice, you shall have to spend another 2-3 days in the hospital, and suffer the trauma and pain of seeing your baby in the incubator.

9. You might come out of the labour room looking as pregnant!

We think that now the baby is out the tummy will instantly shrink, but that's not the case. It's a slow process and will require wearing a belt or tying a cloth tightly etc. In a c-section there will be a numb portion of the lower tummy being flabby for a long time.

10. Certain bans in c-sections.
In case of a c-section you will not be allowed to walk much, life anything heavy etc in the first month, and exercise can be started only post 3 months. And not sure if you can ever do ab crunches? And if you think of having a second child, chances are good that it would be a c-section too.

Hope my experience is useful for you guys. I shall soon write a blog on breastfeeding too, which has been a completely different challenge for me. Do comment with your own experiences, and ask me any question you have!

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