Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fall in love with Melbourne - The most liveable city!

G'day mate!

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When we think Melbourne, we think cricket, right? But there is soo much more this beautiful city has to offer. Tanmay & Rohan's escapades to Melbourne helped me find out how!

I love to travel, and though I am not that well traveled yet (travel is expensive after all), I like to have knowledge about all the places, adding to my bucket list,

I loved going through Tanmay & Rohan's Melbourne videos, funny that they are, they seemed to have a blast out there!

Few of my fav videos and places from their travel tales-

1. Loch Ard Gorge

This place is nature's treasure indeed, so scenic so beautiful! I wouldn't mind staring at it for hours to go! Take a look at Rohan & Tanmay's video.

Just one glance at this scene reminds me of bollywood movies romantic songs! Would love to go take a selfie out there!

2. Great Ocean Road

Whether driving through this helluva scenery, or walking down the beach. Being a driving enthusiast,  I would love to try that! Take a look at Rohan & Tanmay's experience here.

3. Melbourne Cricket Ground

If you happen to visit Melbourne, and happen to be an Indian and happen to be a cricket fanatic, YOU MUST NOT MISS THIS!

There just my top three reasons. Apart from this there is so much more this beautiful city has to offer. Fine dining, Shopping, Partying, Sport Events, Architecture and historic tours, nature trails and what not.

Take a complete look at what you can do in and around Melbourn here. And all the videos from Tanmay & Rohan's Melbourne Escapades here. I wish I get to OZ soon!  

Readers, you stand a chance to win a shopping voucher worth INR 500 too. Simply comment why you love Melbourne and win! (Last date to enter 4th January 2015).