Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas & New Year's Giveaway #SpreadCheer

Ola Amigos!

Tis the season to make merry! There is joy and happiness in the air and everyone is spending time shopping, partying, taking vacations!

I am a avid contest player, and certainly know the joy of winning!

So, inspired by a fellow blogger friend, I thought, why not I #SpreadCheer this festive season and giveaway something cool too!

All you need to do is enter this easy-peasy giveaway and wait for 1st January i.e. New Year's Day to know if you won!

The prize is a damn cool 'Lisolette Watkins' limited edition bag by oriflame, and that's not it, it will be filled with goodies that I won't mention as I want it to be an surprise element!

Take a look at the swanky handbag:

Girls, play to win it! Guys, play to win it for the special lady in your life!

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  1. I resolve to break all the resolutions that i make this new year..:) hehehe Resolutions are for breaking...

  2. Weight loss, shopping bans, no junk food, etc. All these have been on my resolution list at some point or the other, but not THIS time. This year I plan to do something what I've been procrastinating since forever. I will be joining a language course to fulfill the dream of speaking fluent French. Yup, I dream of placing order at a restaurant on Eiffel tower in French! :D
    Cheers to new dreams and hopes!
    Wish you a sparkling New year!

  3. This is so enticing! Nothing better than a swanky bag full of surprises to woo a girl <3 I wonder what's in there! Also, who's winning this one. Till then, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you! :)

  4. awesome giveaway..i'm almost drooling over that handbag..wonder what amazing goodies it's stuffed with..
    Anyways..MERRY CHRISTMAS !! :)

  5. Hi Avantika,
    First of all thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway and for #SpreadCheer
    I want to participate in this giveaway for the most special lady of my life i.e. my mom.
    My New Year Resolution would be to spend more and more time with my parents rather than ignoring them all the time.
    In today's busy world, honestly, I have no time to be with them. They have done everything for me and sacrificed their wishes for my comfort.
    I will definitely make it a point to be with them, spend more and more time with them and now its my time to fulfill their wishes :D
    So my NY Resolution is: Spending more time with my loved ones because they are God's priceless gifts.
    Loved being a part of this lovely giveaway.
    Thank You :) And wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Warm Regards,
    Mala :)

  6. My new year resolution
    Read more and more books , fit into my LBD that i brought 2years back ,pamper my skin and hair :)

    Thank you for super awesome giveaway .The bag and the goodies inside it .....i am already jumping on my bed ;)

  7. awesome giveaway again.So here goes my New Year's Resolutions.
    I'll shed some weight and get in shape just in time for summers.!
    I'll sincerely work towars my writing and increase my vocab.
    I hope i stick to them.!

  8. I got my first job this year, thus started a vicious cycle of home and office.I have planned numerous outings with my family next year to break out of the cycle; I hope to accomplish it and sack all the stress I accumulated this year.

  9. Every year I keep many resolutions for myself but this year I wanna keep a resolution for the society. I really wanna plant saplings every month, walk and use stairs as much as possible, waste less paper and electricity, keep my surroundings clean and follow steps of Modi for #SwachhBharat. :)

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