Sunday, October 19, 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home. #ImmuneIndia

This post is a part of Indiblogger & Dabur Chyyawanprash's activity #ImmuneIndia

We all know the quote 'Stay Healthy, Stay Happy'. One cannot be happy if not healthy and vice-versa. And when kids in the house fall ill, everyone right from parents to grandparents tend to the sick child, because no one can be happy when a child falls ill.

Though I am not a mother (yet), I am definitely 39 weeks pregnant and the due date is almost here. My child is not even here and I have already been taking extra care of myself just so that no harm comes to my yet-to-be-born child. I do not even want to imagine a day when my kid would be unwell and me not being able to do anything.

When I remember my childhood days, and my brother's; who is 8 years younger to me...I still remember the painful look my parents would have, the nights they stayed awake whenever we would have high fever or something. 

I am not just saying this because the blog is for Dabur, but our family always has herbs like Tulsi and consumes Dabur Chyawanprash. My grandfather has it daily at night, followed by milk; and though we kids would skip the milk part we would always look forward to having a spoonful of Chyawanprash because I at-least found it very tasty! Thanks to that, and other hygiene precautions taken by our family, I don't remember falling severely ill or having to be admitted to the hospital ever *touches wood*. But common cold is really common, haha.

When I ask my parents, they tell me that they remember how as an infant I used to always have diarrhea and would be weak. I was born underweight and my parents would be really worried about me being so weak and fragile. They have stayed up all night, never complaining about the lack of sleep or my constant cries. As I grew up, I remember how my mother would press my hands or legs when they ached a lot. How they would take me to a doctor or get tests done without ever complaining that they had to go to work or had other chores. I remember the time when I had chicken-pox and how my parents tended to my needs by bringing whatever I wanted, comics etc so that I did not get bored. 

When I would see my younger brother cry because of fever or cold and cough it would really bother me too, as if I am sick myself. I remember this one recent time when he had a prolonged case of dry cough that did not go for months; I felt so bad that there was not much I could do.

I totally believe in 'Prevention is better than cure' and will pass on whatever I have learnt from my parents and grandparents to my own kids. Like, whenever there would be the symptoms of a cold/fever approaching, mom would start telling us to have lukewarm water, gargle and avoid cold liquids. Tulsi, clove etc would be added to tea to make it healthier. And of course, having Chyawanprash daily, which helps your body stay immune. And these days it is even available in different flavors, also sugar-free if I'm not wrong.

Be healthy, be happy!


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